Compact archive October 1, 2008

Designblok of this year – focus on Czech mode

Visitors of Designblok 2008 can feast eyes with clothing originals of renowned designers or see fresh trends of beginning artists.

Mode presentations in the world ask for more and more space and it is no different in Prague. More possibilities to present their pieces decided to offer the organizers of the design days Designblok. Under the name of Designblok Fashion Week 7th to 12th October tens of designers introduce their production.

“We perceive mode design in the context of lifestyle. A person interested in house equipment is also interested in what is he/she wearing. That’s our philosophy. We want to provide the visitors with complex view of design” The director of designdays in Prague “Designblok” Jana Zielinski said.

It would be too much to write about all the venues, better to go to their webpage here


International Competition in Acrobatic Rock and Roll, in Prague

Letensky pohar 2008 is an international competition in Acrobatic Rock and Roll. The competition takes place on

The competition Letensky pohar, as every year, takes place annually in the course of September or November. This year, the competition will have been organized for the fifth time. Moreover, as usual, there will be international participation not only within competitors, but also within the jury.

Couples of categories Children, Youth, Juniors, B-Class, A-Class, and Girls Formations of categories Junior and Main Class will take part in the competition.

Location: Sparta hall on Letna, Prague 7, Nad Královskou oborou 51, 18th October 2008 in Prague.


Adolf Born Exhibition in Prague

The exhibition devoted to fifty years of one of the most famous painters in the Czech Republic opens. Hardly any Czech artist is so well known to all the generations like Adolf Born. It is his merry approach to art and life, but also his diligence – he illustrated many books for children and adults alike, he also created models for animated movies – seventy of them(!), the number of books he illustrated is 225.

Born’s production is witty and funny. They deal a lot with the artists passions – literature and travelling. And with the later deals the exhibition in Hollar gallery – the name is “Merry voyage of life (50 years with graphic)”. And you can surely see a honest cut through the artist’s funny-psychedelic-colourful-witty-sexy-creative artwork. Born is the Czech author which legend has settled during his life already.

Hollarova Galerie, Smetanovo nabrezi 6 Prague, Until 19th October everyday exept Monday 10-13 and 14-18.


The Young Gods in Prague

The Young Gods come to Prague! The industrial rockers promised to make two concerts in two days, this Friday and Saturday. With their beginnings back in 1985, The Young Gods created five studio albums and a number of notable hits; you surely recall the track Skinflowers.

The group stands out musically by their live vocals, live drumming and real-time played electronic music, making a fusion of DJs and Rock performance. In that manner they are similar to the Primal Scream, but The Young Gods like to thing about themselves more like innovators searching for new approaches in music – e.g. their last album Knock on Wood is entirely acoustic.

With this tour, like their album, it’s all about the acoustics. This makes the tour special, as you can rely on the next one will be more typical. If you like TYG, don’t miss it. Tickets: 455 czk, via Ticketportal online or at the place Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, Prague 3. 3rd and 4th Otober 2008


Prague Taxi Drivers Demonstrate at Airport

Taxi traffic on Prague Airport has been limited today, as the taxi drivers have blocked the access road to the Prague Airport.They protested against contracts among the airport and taxi companies.

They plan to block the road every day from ten to eighteen hours. The leader of the union has declared they are going to block the airport, until the Prague city hall notice their requirements.

About fifty cars stood before the Terminal 1. “That is sufficient as a blockade, we of course leave a track for ambulance cars and other emergency cases” Said the leader Jelinek. They want to prevent the cars of AAA taxi cars, which have contract with the Airport, from getting to their work.

This week will probably be a little difficult, when you go to or from Prague Airport Ruzyne, prepare for a delay.