Compact archive October 2, 2008

Czech National Technical Museum Reconstruction

The National Technical museum at Letna has changed quite a lot by its last reconstruction. The visitors have a lot to look forward to – among others for spaces, which have never been publicly accessible. Levels, which were for many years occupied by interior and defense ministers and cartographers.

The museum has been closed for two years now. The first visitors can come in probably in September 2010 at the 100th anniversary of its opening. The reconstruction worth 600 millions czk aims to return the building its later-functionalist shape, given to it in 30’s by the architect Milan Babuska, and lately changed by the communists.

The museum has over 800 archive funds, wide set of photographs, designs and graphics. The specialized technical library has over 200t volumes of technical literature. The collection jewels are e.g. the Spitfire used by Czech pilots during WWII, and a plane from 1911, with which the first long-distance flight over the Czech land was made.


Cursed Gold at Prague Castle Exhibition

The unique exhibition “Proklete Zlato – 1000 let Zlata Inku” devoted to long-past culture of once powerful Inca nations. Fascinating, over thousand years old golden artifacts, catching description of their use, attractive installation of exhibits in special light showcases as well as description of dramatic history of the cruel age of Spanish invaders coming for gold… the exhibition offers something one don’t see everyday.

‘Cursed Gold’ is a unique opportunity to find out about Inca cultures of Andes. The rarely exhibited pieces form the Gold Museum in Lima, Peru will be presented in the Czech Republic for the first time. Until now, it was possible to see only in Germany, where it became visitors’ hit.

The exhibition opens 1st November in The Supreme Burgrave’s House of the Prague Castle.


Ghost Museum of Prague Opens!

The Ghost Museum of Prague Mysteriae Pragensia has ceremonially opened yesterday. What is its aim? To open the dark beauty of Prague to its citizens and tourists. The authors have conceived it in the way visitors can spend as much time as they want and to learn as much as they want.

The Prague Mayor Pavel Bem said at the opening ceremony: “We walk the everyday Prague, around its walls and we don’t know which stories took place behind them, wee walk streets with our eyes on the paving and often don’t see higher than one meter above the ground. The museum can open, or at least ajar our eyes, so we could precept the mystics and magic which belongs to Prague history.”

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Money for Blob will used for Depository

The situation around the new national library is far from being closed. Even when Klaus and ODS used all their political pressure to prevent it from building, in the present National Library there is no room for new books, the heads try to solve the situation by building at least new depository. The National Library has bought a parcel in Prague Hostivar and had half a billion czk construction money released. That the money go directly from the fund originally intended for Blob is clear; the shadow minister of culture Jan Cieslar stated: “The ministry disposes total of 2,9 billion czk for Library matters” those are the Blob money.

The parliamentarian of CSSD and the ex-minister of culture Jandak is clear the main problem is reluctance of politicians against Blob: “During my work at the ministry, there was 1,9 billions and we count with another four” The depositary is not a substitute. It will help only in short-term horizon. The Blob will have to wait for the ODS to lose elections.


Emmons was pregnant when she won Olympic Gold

The Czech shooter, who won gold medal in the women’s 10 metre air rifle competition at the summer Olympics in Peking has been pregnant during the competition. Why we didn’t knew it? As she says, it shouldn’t be said before the first three months. She also says she is going to come back to shooting, in a year, in a year and a half. But everything will be different.

First, when she comes back, she will be a mother. Second, her coach and father Petr Kůrka is the coach of the Australians. But Katerina says, she is not a little girl anymore and that phone contact should be enough. And the baby? Whether it will be a boy or a girl, she with her husband Matthew Emmons haven’t revealed yet. And whether the little one will be a shooter, like the parents and their parents? “We will leave it on him to decide” The future mother says.