Compact archive October 3, 2008

NHL 2008

nhlpraguelogo Tomorrow in Prague and Stockholm starts the new NHL season. The Czech fan will have to get used to two missing Czech legends – Jaromir Jagr moved to Russia and Dominik Hasek retired and returned home. The question is, which of their fellow countryman will attract the most attention? Elias, Hemsky, Sykora, Plekanec, or somebody else? Let’s get surprised.

The battle of Stanley Cup starts once again. The battle, where you can watch Sidney Crosby to again play up to the words about new Gretzky. You can watch Alexander Oveckin shoot one goal after another. Who may become the new Jagr? Maybe Patrik Elias? Or possibly, if in good health, Martin Havlat? It can also be be Ales Hemsky, about whom Joe Sakic said he has more tricks than Jager up his sleeve?

The drama is at O2 Arena in Prague.

Dox, the new center of ART in Prague

jose-maria-cano-bullfight In Prague Holesovice, one of the three biggest private galleries in the Czech Republic opens. The exhibition space is three thousand cubic metres.

“Course” of the Czech visual arts significantly hardens. In Prague Holesovice close to Orten’s square, a new, ambitious centre of art opens, lining up to the two most extensive Czech private Galleries. Its name sounds international : DOX.

Those three thousand cubic metres will be to disposition to Czech and foreign artists according to selection of renowned curators. The first of them is Spanish José Maria Cano, who belonged to the pop idols in Spanish-speaking countries twenty years ago. He moved to London, and his paintings sell for a few tens thousands euro.

The Czech visitors will learn about the multi-significance of his paintings in Dox gallery from 19th October. The set Welcome in Capitalism depicts tens of portraits of powerful politicians, bankers and other men of property, who “govern the world”

The Dox gallery also changes into Superstudio of the biggest Czech design fest. Designblok takes place 7 – 12 October.

Use the Prague Cultural Bus line

This Sturday, the cultural bus starts from its depo again! Its aim? To deliver att the passengers to events for free. This Sunday, the Cool Tour bus starts for the 13th time. By entering the bus, the interested person can comfortably visit the expositions in Lobkowitz palace, the exhibition Krajina v Ceskem Umeni devatenacteho stoleti (Countryside in Czech Art of the 19th century) in Kinsky Palace or the permanent exhibition in the capital building of the National Museum.

Those who carry the Cool tour pass which is available at the cash desks of all the exhibitions will have a bonus; cheaper tickets. The special cultural line will go in twenty minutes intervals in the trace Staromestska – Malostranske Square – Prague Castle – Florenc – Staromestska from 9:40 to 17:30

Zizkov Tower Upgrade This Monday

enlightened zizkov tower This Monday the show with Zizkov tower starts. Prepare for blockade of surrounding streets and also for unusual sight. The action takes place on Monday 8th and it will be something that could fit into a Hollywood blockbuster, as the new tip of the tower will be brought on the spot by the Russian helicopter Ka-32, with two machines and maximum load of 12 700 kg.

Reasons for such a complicated upgrade? The Czech republic television finally changes to digital broadcasting. That asks for an upgrade of the broadcasting device, in this case the Zizkov Tower, which is not only a postmodern architectonical jewel, but also the source for TV broadcast for whole Prague.

The flying derrick is to replace the antenna during the day, providing there will be weather for it.In the case of wind, the streets surrounding will stay closed also on Tuesday. For those, who wish to watch the antenna replacement: The best places to watch it are Vitkov and Parukarka.


Croatian Rowdies Provoked Sharp Battle in Prague

About three hundreds of Croatian Rowdies have gathered yesterday after the match of Dinamo Zagreb with Sparta Praha, which ended in a draw 3:3. The most aggressive of them have provoked a skirmish with a camera person from the Czech Television. When the special anti-hooligan police tried to calm them down, the ultras started to throw paving stones, bottles and even started to hail, Nazi style.

One of thrown bottles hit a passing man, who had to be transported to a hospital with bleeding head wounds. Shortly before 7 pm the group of Croatian fans arrived at the Old Town Square, where they wanted to continue in violent behaviour. When meeting the special police unit there the hooligans started to battle, after which 150 of them were arrested. Another hundred flee to surrounding streets where they attacked random pedestrians.