Compact archive October 7, 2008

Kanye West Prague concert tickets already on sale

Concert cancelled
The day is Friday 24th November, the venue O2 arena and the interpreter Kanye West – what else needs to be said? What better is to do on an early Friday evening?

Kanye Omari west was born in 1977 in Atlanta and grown up in Chicago, where he lives until today. During his studies on the Chicago Academy of Art he produced for local musicians, lately he became famous as the producer of well-known artists such as Alicia Keys, Jay-Z or Janet Jackson.

Kanye brings some quality guests to this concert – he is accompanied by the New-York charismatic singer Santogold, who has published a great debut album and the London musician ans singer Mr. Hudson.

The albums that brought international attention to Kanye were The College Dropout, also the cooperation on the album The Diary of Alicia Keys got him points. So far, he sold over 8,5 million records.


Comics master of underground perversion Crumb in Prague

the favorite Crumb's motive - this time with clothes Robert Crumb comes to the Festival of writers 2009. He is one of the most open artists of the 20th century and what he started to create in 1960’s still has problems with people not accepting it. (With today tendencies for political correctness even maybe more ppl than in 60’s)

Crumb in 60’s came with a genial idea how to get tabooed themes to public – because everything coming out of official distribution was auto-censored, they founded their own distribution net including shops. Crumb himself made the cult comics Zap, and put the base theme in: do whatever you want.

The other guests of the writer’s festival Praha 2009 are the French poet of Syria origin writing under pseudonym Adonis and an important Danish poet Inger Christensen. They are both being discussed as possible gainers of the Nobel prize.

The literary festival takes place in Prague from 7 – 11 June. Discussion forum are going to focus especially on literature of the old worlds of Arabia and China with the leitmotiv :”the art of the story”


Prague Statues at Klementinum

Kelly's statue Joker The outdoor exhibition started already last week, but don’t worry, it won’t disappear easily from our eyes – the statues are now in possession of the capital city of Prague, so when their outdoor exhibition in front of the Klementinum complex ends, they will spread to the streets of Prague. Klementinum is famous for experimental and quite unique sculptures which they place in front of its main entrance to the study body.

The theme of the statues is ‘the long gone citizens and ghosts of Prague’, the author is a sculpturer Igor Kitzberger. Among the long gone and found again characters are Magister Kelly, three-head dog, Powerful Golem, Doctor Faust and many other well known and unknown ones. When the statues leave Klementinum after some time, they are going to be installed at places they are historically bound to.


Czech Army Speak in support of Dingo cars, its drivers not

Dingo drivers criticize it quite a lot. According to the ministry of defense, the problem of Dingo is not the design, but crappy Afghani fuel. They reacted to the LN yesterday article criticizing Dingos for their low performance. The Ministry of defence took Afghani oil samples for tests, only after they do or not find proofs of their claims,plan to take action.

If they find out Dingo’s problem is really in bad fuel, the logistically most complicated solution would be to ensure supply of quality fuel specially for Czech Dingos. If there would be problem with the car itself, it would probably slower the other purchase order, where the Czech Army wants to buy another 15 Dingos. The Drivers complain the US Army with Humvees don’t have the same problem.


The USA to abolish Visas for Czechs?

Many Czechs have waited a long time for that – to go the USA without visa is like music to the ear. The contract of relations dispensing with visas is going to be signed by the American minister of interior security Michael Chertoff. He should appear in Prague in October, the visa abolishment should start to be valid on 17th November. The date was selected as symbolic, so the visa requirement of visa will go down on the 19th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which meant fall of Communist regime.

What is visa abolishment going to mean for Czechs? No more humiliating waiting in queue in front of the American Embassy for many hours and days, and no more paying of the fee of about 2 227 czk. Instead of that, only one online form will need to be filled in. The USA authorities are going to check it and respond in three days.

After Canada abolished visa requirement, this would be another powerful country sealing our cooperation by trust.