Compact archive October 8, 2008

The Metropolis and 90th anniversary of the Republic foundation

The spectacular exhibition was prepared by the Prague Castle, Czechoslovakia was founded exactly 90 years ago and the Castle is exactly the place where the exhibition should be. Those who like music and/or military history and modern art are welcome. The first of the events is the exhibition of Czechoslovak legions in Russia.

The exhibition is made accessible on 10th October in the Old Royal palace. A small part of the photographic collection and documents stored in the central military archive in Prague and in Russian state military archive in Moscow is to be displayed. The material from the military archives will be complemented by samples of hardware used by the legions.

How big the exhibition is? About 800 exhibits, from which is four hundred unique photographs, but also historic weapons and authentic objects.

Czechoslovak legions in Russia 1914-1920
Exhibition at Old Terezian Wing 10 October – 18 January


New Space Lagoon in Prague Seaworld

The Sea World in Holesovice opened a new giant transparent pool. Together with it, the public was introduced to the unique project of mental relaxation called Vesmirna Laguna – The Space Lagoon, which author is an artist and a psychologist Zdenek Hajny. Both the novelties were ceremonially introduced during the sixth Morsky Svet (Sea World) opening anniversary.

The Sea world in Prague is not as huge as the Californian ones, but still 4,5 thousand aquatics in 1200 square meters of specially adjusted ocean water is creditable. The exhibition has even its own mechanism that simulates the movement of the Moon and its phases during the night. Every year, the Seaworld is visited by about 80 thousand visitors.


Beh Kancelarskych Krys - Pencil Pusher Race in Prague

The unorthodox spectacle opens again! The visitors of the Prague 1 centre will be able to see clerks in suits, with a mobile phone and a folder in their hand, the fifth volume of the Kancelarskych krys run takes place!

The race is not only a sporting event, but a social event too. Representatives of different companies and institutions compete in file and folder-throwing, slalom on office chairs, and rope-climbing in a spirit of fun, giving a chance for stressed out office workers to relax.

The participants run in their traditional work clothes – men in business suits (jackets and ties) and women in dresses and skirts. With the only exeptin – sport shoes. Even the mayor of Prague, Pavel Bem, is going to compete there.

Ceremonies oversee the races and competitions from a stage situated at Fruit Market (Ovocny trh). From where the moderator calls the runners on their mobile phones and let it go from the speakers, forming favourite part of the event.


Afterpiece of Prague Taxi Demonstration

The strike of Prague taxi drivers, who have blocked the access road to Prague Ruzyne Terminal 1 las week, didn’t end by their success. The drivers demonstrated against monopoly of some taxi services at Prague Airport, they were against contract of the Airport with AAA taxi cars, which is the only taxi agency that has access there.

Now it seems, the debates are going to move from the streets to discussion tables. Can the Taxi Union succeed by a calmer form? They have debated directly with the general manager of Ruzyne Airport keeping, to whom they presented their solution proposal, how to systematically solve the problem.

Both sides have agreed the main debates will start at the end of October. Until now, no blockades nor strikes are going to take place.


Carps being netted – traditional christmas preparation

More than thousand quints of carps and hundred quints of other white fish are being fished out during three days, by fishers from Rybarstvi Trebon, of their one hundred forty hectare breeding pond Ponedrazsky by Lomnice nad Luznici. Yesterday so the biggest fishery in the Republic symbolically initiated the autumn fishing of the big ponds.

Prague also has its fishing ponds; Hamersky, Hloubetin, Pocernice, Reporyje or Liboc. Not only carps ended in the nets – also tenches, amurs, pikes, eels or catfish. All these will be moved into the care of cooks, tho only spared from the ponds are their mascots – albino catfish, which are sometimes kept for good luck. You can’t fight it. Christmas are coming to Prague again.