Compact archive October 9, 2008

Slayer in Prague !

Finally, an agency brave enough to invited the legendary giants of metal, Slayer, to the Czech Republic. The Agency Obscure Promotion had the guts to try it. The concert takes place during their tour Unholy Alliance III. Slayer also bring their support groups like Mastodont, Amon Amarth, Trivium and others.

The synonym of trash in its pure form come to raise some hell. Slayer, the group which in 1983 moved by the record “Show No Mercy” the borders of general perception of extreme in heavy metal music. The quality guarantee and merciless metal orthodoxy. The group which became salt in eyes of many, for many the way of life.

Slayer comes to Prague on the national holiday of 17th November 2008 since 17th in the Sport hall at the Prague Exhibition ground. Tickets only 690,- czk plus charges at Ticketportal, Ticketpro and Ticketstream.


Numbers of the Sick with Hepatitis A in Prague are on the decrease

In the capital city, the number of people infected with Hepatitis A has, the first time since the epidemic started at the end of the summer, started to drop. Meanwhile in the week before last about 95 people infected acceded, last week it was 74. The Prague hygienist Zdenka Jagrova comments “We haven’t won yet” but at least it is an improvement.

About 600 people got infected until now. The most newly infected were registered last week. The most affected demographic groups are adults among 20-45 years, because the epidemic started among Prague drug addicts, more specifically Russian drug addicts. The advice stays the same – wash your hands before meal, every time you touch something outside your flat.

Artist to broadcast Morse code from Petrin lookout Tower

Since Thursday to Sunday the Prague Lookout Tower is going to broadcast light and sound signals. The Project called Ne – tajné signály (no-secret signals), which author is the Italian artist Stefano Cagol, is a part of the international festival of contemporary art Tina B.

The sound and light signals broadcasted in Morse code will liven up the Lookout Tower for a few minutes at 7, 8 and 9 pm.

The art light in metropolis takes place because of the Tina B. festival since 25 September to 15th October, introducing various forms of committed art. About seven tens of artists participate. It is in Laterna Magika, Galerie Kritiku in Adria palace and Italian cultural institute in Dukelskych hrdinu street.


CSA strengthening lines to Germany

Czech airlines CSA intend to focus their Boings especially on traffic to Germany and to the Balkan. More planes than the last year head for Stuttgart, Hamburg, Istanbul, Skopje or Belgrade, stated the speaker of CSA Daniela Hupakova. Together, the CSA machines to 129 destinations, 21 more than the last year.

According to Hupakova, the airlines want to satisfy German and all western businessman, who can use the wide net of CSA in southern and eastern Europe. With that is related setting of bigger airplanes to the main German transition station Frankfurt. The in-country flights expect a boost as well, for example the flight from Prague to Brno.

The Prague Airport also plans to reduce some lines. The long-distance flights to New York are reduced from 7 to 5 a week.


Bronze paving stones – little Jew monuments in Prague

Anyone, who, starting toady, goes through the Jewish quarter, can bow to the victims of holocaust. Representatives of Jewish Youth Union (the Union) put ten bronze memorial stones to honour those who died in a concentration camp or in a ghetto. Placed gently in pavement they are in front of the houses, where the deported people lived. They are not pompous – the adjective for them would be ordinary.

The Union put ten stones in nine streets. The first stone was laid by the art author Gunter Demnig in Jachymova street. The other ones are in Parizska, Kozi, Tynska or in the street Politickych veznu. The Union count with much more in the future. The whole project was inspired by the similar one in Germany, the idea is the stones should commemorate ordinary folk, not anyone famous or specific.