Compact archive October 10, 2008

PENDULUM Australian DnB in Prague

The Australian project originated in 2002, when producers and djs with experiences from metal groups united to lately achieve something no one outside the GB did before – capture the trone of DnB scene.

Their first singles like The Valut or Back To You made by their massive sound a revolution on the DnB scene, and we hear them even today at almost every broken beat party.
Their monumental first album Hold your Colour sold over 250 000 pieces and their remix of legendary track Voodoo People caught attention of the last ignorants.

Pendulum come to Prague first time in the complete set-up.

“We want our music to be an adventurous escape from the reality. Technologies improve, production and recording techniques improve, but something is missing – the original feel of escape from the reality and opening to new adventures, that energy which brought us to electronic music.”

Pendulum say: Turn on the radio and you will hear a dozen of tracks which are either about what everyone encounters every day, or about how you should shake it on the dance floor. It sounds professional, but there is usually nothing behind it, no value added. We would like to hear something new and refreshing, some music taking you to the another galaxy.

The price for the concert is quite higher than usual, but don’t you think to hear Pendulum is worth those 850 in pre-sale and 1000 at the spot? They come to Roxy in Prague … what else to add?


How Vaclav Havel teared STB tapping microphone

The ex-president described to Mf Dnes the tapping issue.

MF Dnes published an article about tapping of the ex-president Havel, at the time promising dramatist of the Na Zabradli Theatre. The secret communist police STB defined him: “He comes from bourgeois family. His father was during the first republic an owner of big restaurants in Prague”

They started to tap him in 60’s, because Havel was surrounded by young artists disagreeing with the regime. They were meeting in Havel’s flat near to Vltava (It is the yellow house right beside the Dancing house) so the STB decided to put microphones to his flat.

Havel now gave MF Dnes the story – the occupation of Czechoslovakia has changed opinions about Russia of many, including those at the STB. One of them phoned Havel: “Be careful, you have a sniffer at your flat” Havel didn’t know how to get rid of it and not reveal his source, so he made up a trick. He invited an electric technician to put a new chandelier, during installing which they ‘accidentally’ found it.

Havel acted surprised, and called the police. They advised him to tie the microphone, so it couldn’t be pulled out. But the STB officer tried to pull it anyway so hard, a wire with it fell on the floor. Havel with a friend run up the stairs, but the agent was gone – he run away on the roof.

This more or less entertaining story was only a mild display of what horrors awaited Havel in the 70’s. But that is another story.

Orient Express Now in Prague

There is probably no train more famous than this one. The luxury on track, the train set Orient Express has arrived to Smichovske nadrazi in Prague yesterday. It arrived from Venice and Vienna. It is going to sty in Prague until Saturday, when it heads to Paris.

The train was developed by Belgian businessman Georges Nagelmackers and made its first journey in 1883. The first journey took passengers from Paris to Varna (Bulgaria) and were then ferried by steamship across the Black Sea to Constantinople.

The train set has seventeen cars altogether, among which three restaurant cars, with French cooks and Italian waiters, one bar car with a piano and a pianist and two service and baggage cars. The rest is sleeping cars. How much is such a trip? About 1 830 €.


Seaworld at letna finally denited!

After eight years of debates, the plan of building a huge seaworld with sea creatures at the place where giant Stalin statue used to stand, ends. It lost suppot of the Prague City Hall. Resons are mainly aversion of Prague citizens, political parties, and individuals; for example Vaclav Havel stood at the side of citizens. Prague City hall has declared they stopped the project this week.

The petition, under which about 7 thousand people signed, was initiated by the Greens. They celebrate now: “A seaworld in the centre of a city is an absurd project” the semi-chief of the Greens stated. Letna is a place where constructions fail, like in the case of Blob. Most probably it is going to stay the way it is – a peaceful zone of relax. The surrounding area of the Stalin’s place is a training ground for street skaters, a very good one.


YouTube now in Czech version

The USA giant Google strengthens its position on the tiny Czech Internet. The most visited video server of the world YouTube was provided with navigation in Czech yesterday. According to the Mediaresearch, about 62,4% of adults visit YouTube monthly, so it probably pays off. Youtube offers information about Czechs as well as for Czechs, many cult Czech shows are there.

YouTube was invented in 2005 by three Americans, as a server for uploading home-made videos. Today, it is one of the most visited places on the web, where users of all around the world upload 13 hours of video every minute.

YouTube fought battles because of copyrights at its beginning, now finally the authors understand that if they upload the video by themselves with credits, it serves also as an advertisement for the actual product. For example dj’s use YouTube for playing the records they intend to buy.