Compact archive October 14, 2008

The exhibition in Prague maps concentration camps

Until the 28th November it is possible to come and see the exhibition that takes place in the Office of the city city part 2 at Namesti Miru. The exhibition title is Places of suffering, death and bravery. Alltogether 27 panels map the origin, development and events in concentration camps during the WWII, the murder of millions of concentration camp inmates. The exhibition, which is organized by the second city part together with the Historical Group Osvetim and the Terezin memorial.

The exhibition consisting of photographs, comments, letters and authentic documents is opened for public every monday and wednesday from 8 to 17:30, every tuesday and thursday from 8 – 16 and every friday 8 – 13:30.


Park Vysehrad hosts Acapella festival Prague

The second year of the festival called A Capella Festival takes place this Friday in the romantic park Vysehrad in Prague, at the Old Burgrave building (Stare purkrabstvi). The concert would be not just for the Christians, all good folks are welcome. The evening moderates Ester Kocickova, a very sensitive soul person.

The performing groups are: Yellow Sisters – ll-women vocal group – acapella, who travels through genres with easiness – soul, funky, r’n‘b, world music, jazz and reggae. They are musical illusionists, experimenting with voice and looking for originally ways of expressing melodies and rhythm.

Others are Vokalni skupina VOSK, vocal group who sing various very old religious and folk songs, Kackala, a group of girls bringing angry words of wisdom, freedom, and some mobilities as a bonus. Ridina Ahmedova uses the technique which Bobby mcFerrin used for his song don’t worry be happy.

17th November from 19:00 tickets: 200 czk, park Vysehrad dressed in autumn colors.


Road-toll in the centre of Prague will be 50-100 czk

To get rid of those terrible jams in Prague 1 is one of the main points of the Prague City hall. What is a better tool than a toll? To enter the historical centre in a vehicle will be paid for. The representatives have already decided they are going to invest 55 millions czk into preparation phase. Bem himself said “…toll is a means for controlling the car traffic in the center of the city.”

When is the toll going to be established? Probably not in the next year, the most optimistic estimations speak about 2008/2009 turn. The Prague City Hall in present time evaluates what the price of entering the centre should be, but they agree it should move between 50-100 czk, 1,8-3,7 €. Which compared to toll in London which is 8 pounds a day, quite nice.


28 Gambling rooms are going to disappear from Prague

From Prague district of Zizkov and Vinohrady are going to disappear about twenty eight game enterprises. When the Prague City hall agrees with the list of the most problem premises, they will disappear to January 2009. Those playrooms were put on the list because they somehow break the rules, set by the new city public notices, which are set for improving the quality of life in Prague. Among the other points were e.g. ban of public drinking which cleaned notorious places off the strange individuals, and also more limitations of prostitutes movement in Prague streets.

Prague got swarmed with game rooms after the revolution, some of them at prestigious places where a quality restaurant or a club could be, and the new public notice is very aware of it. The first twenty premised didn’t have licence for gaming machines, one was opposite school. The number of gambling rooms at Prague 3 is 131, so there is still quite a lot of them.

Personalities of world culture and politics are in Prague

In Prague Zofin Palace, the first work part of the conference Forum 2000. That takes place in the metropolis under the auspices of the ex-president, dramatic Vaclav Havel, it has been held for twenty times already. The topic of this year is “openness and fundamentalism in 21st century”. A few dozens of thinkers, front personalities from the business world and contemporary and former big league politics, came to Prague to discuss about problems of democracy, culture, human rights and also potential treads.

On the meeting, which hosts, beside Zofin, also Laterna Magika or Goethe Institut, also appears the chess genius and Russia opposition politician Garri Kasparov or an economist Jan Svejnar. Other welcomed person is our foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg and French philosopher André Glucksmann. Today conference is going to be finished by Vaclav Havel’s speech today afternoon.