Compact archive October 15, 2008

Pool: Who wants € in Czech Republic?

The message of people under 30, university students, businessman and those, who generally earn more money is: we want to use Euros as fast as possible. That came out of the pool ordered by LN for the GfK agency.

The elder part of the CR and those with lower incomes have quite opposite opinion – they wouldn’t rush to accepting the European currency. Some of them even deprecate Euro, they underline Czech crown strengthening.

Representatives of GfK confirm respondents with lower income and lower social standards are rather afraid of Euro. They are afraid converting to Euro would raise prices. They don’t realise prices in crowns are already higher.

A big influence is also the Czech government, with Vaclav Klaus as the big euro sceptic. The minister of finance Kalousek commented they will reveal the plan for Euro exception no sooner than the next year. So the year 2010 is probably very soon.

AC/DC in Prague

After long waiting for the decision of the legend of the Australian rock to finally come to Prague it is finally here. During their long-expected world tour they visit, among other cities, Prague. The concert takes place next year, though, so anything can happen, but lets be optimistic.

The concert should take place on 17th March 2009 at the famous O2 Arena. The concert will be the third stop of AC/DC in the Czech Republic and the group is going to introduce songs from their new album Black Ice, which will be released on 20th October.

AC/DC were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March 2003. During the ceremony the band performed “Highway to Hell” and “You Shook Me All Night Long”. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith described the band’s power chords as “the thunder from down under that gives you the second-most-powerful surge that can flow through your body.”


Paukerovo Lahudkarstvi – Pauker's Delicatessen in Prague - snack paradise

Delicacies from all around the world, but also well-tried recipes, which during the First Republic attracted such stars as Hugo Haas and Adina Mandlova. The newly reconstructed delicacies shop of Jan Paukert. The history of the famous shop goes back to 1916, when it was founded by Jan and Stepanka Paukert. The son of the founders came back and participated on the opening. The son of the most famous delicacy shop in Prague has already celebrated his 90th birthday.

The renewed enterprise wants to attract its customers mainly by traditional pieces of the Czech delicacies; sandwiches, salads, quality Czech smoked dishes or handmade kremrole – cream rolls. Beside reintroducing old Czech recipes the shop also offers top European delicacies like Italian salamis and hams, French cheese or foie gras. Read the whole article

Eggs were really used when building the Charles Bridge!!! Certified.

Denik Metropole presented the outcome of latest scientific research, which had the aim to finally find out the truth about eggs in Charles Bridge mortar. According to the legend, Charles IV ordered to add egg yolks to make it more hard. We don’t have to say according to the legend anymore – it was proven he really ordered to put eggs to the Charles Bridge.

The scientists deeply scanned the calcic mortar from 14th century, found out there are egg proteins. The detailed analysis information are going to be red by the mayor Mayor Bem at the opening ceremony of the new Charles Bridge museum. At Krizovnicke namesti in Prague. Its exposition has one pearl – a new, unique model of Charles Bridge building, depicting all the phrases and 350 workers.

Borders of Prague to have more green

If you have ever travelled to Prague by car, you know the concrete wall that you drive past by quite well. Long kilometres of construction halls, massive warehouses and factories are not positive feelings distributors. But – the borders of the metropolis are going to be green. More precisely, he borders should be made by a green wall of forests and parks, bikelines and sport fields. The city intentions can be, however, be complexified by buyout of the parcels.

The office of city development stated the continuing green fields will be about 1777 hectares. One third of the area, is a property of the city, the rest is under the middle-bohemian region or in corporal possession. In any way, the green belt is not a question of months, rather a question of tens of years.