Compact archive October 16, 2008

The Real McKenzies in Prague

Although the Real McKenzies are a punk group from Canadian Vancouver, they are strongly rooted in their Scottish heritage. The music of these ‘new-age Celtic singers’ is possible to define like a fusion of Sex Pistols and Scottish folk legend Robbie Burns.

The founding member of the group – front man Paul McKenzie, who formed the group in 1994, says his motivation for Scottish group is: “… when I was young, my parents used to dress me up in a kilt and made me dance and sing traditional Scottish music. To make a Scottish punk group is my way of paying back.’

The Real Mckenzies have vagrancy in their hearts. They are filled by greedy appetite for punk show and Scottish whiskey, they still develop their style to present it to millions of fans. Their newest enterprise, the ‘Of the Leash’ album embodies the spirit of wild energy and cheer.

4th November 2008, Tickets 250 czk in the pre-sale, 320 at the spot. Prague classic Rock Club Rock Café


Tutankhamun – Huge exhibition at Brno started

Visitors of the monstrous exhibition Tutankhamun – jeho hrob a poklady (his tomb and treasures) are going to see a real rarity of Egyptian exhibitions – a realistic copy of the hugest archaeologist discovery of the past century.

The scientific team which created the exhibition have worked on it for five years, gathering over 1200 perfect copies Tutankhamun’s treasure. Those copies were made directly in Egypt. Beside gypsum, wood, irons and plastics real gold was used. To exhibit the originals is not possible since the 80’s Egyptian laws.

The exhibition has its screenplay – the idea is to slowly unwrap the treasures for better impression. First, it is necessary to see two short films, the first about Tutankhamun’s family, the second about his finder, Howard Carter, which ends shortly before the unique discovery and the visitor enters the first burial room.

The perfect illusion is said to be breath-taking. Czech city Brno is the second European city where the exhibition went, the next city is Munich.


Representatives of no-close-narodni-metro-station petition met politicians.

The new building construction on Narodni Trida violates the law? Representatives of about 8000 citizen who subscribed under the petition against blocking of the metro station because of the new house Copa Center, with Maj shopping mall, offices, flats, have met with the Prague part mayor Hejma.

Signers demand a new access would be made from Lazarska street. When the station Narodni was build, there was plan for two vestibules, at the time only one was build. The signers demand building the second one so the station wouldn’t have to close. The investors however know it would prolong the construction for at least a year.

The group around the petition are ready to file an action in the case the station would close for the time of construction, which would be at least two years. They also demand Metrostav company would adhere the law and build a barrier-less entrance during the reconstruction.


Engineering sites under Prague sight-seeing

World unique net of collectors attract more and more tourists. During the first year since opening about 2500 came to see the engineering sites. 90 kilometres of collectors that goes under the city centre of Prague holds almost all engineering nets – from electricity, water and gas to the Internet. There has been about 4,5 km of tunnels made accessible for tourists.

The future visitors have to book for one of the four traces in advance, preferably using the web page, the trips are possible to take on Mondays and Wednesdays. The traces start by a joyride in a little mining train, which transports cables and pipes normally. Price for one person is 300 czk, for that you can see engineering sites which are admired by experts from all around the world.


Czech National Building in New York re-opens

The Czech National Building in New York was build in 1896 in neo-renaissance style according to the design of the German architect William C. Frohne. The Czech centre is placed in the Yorkville district, in the residential Upper East Side at 73rd street. The original building was financed by collected money of local Czechs.

The building fell into decay in the last years, so the Czech government decided to buy it and reconstruct it. Now, it will be re-opened ceremonially on 30th October with presence of representatives of the Czech government. And what does the house do?

The Czech National building in NY aim is mostly to present the Czech Republic and its culture. For example there will be exhibitions made in cooperation with Leica Gallery, for example Lenka K. Galerioni or Petr Ulrych, but also concerts with music of Antonin Dvorak and various congresses.