Compact archive October 17, 2008

Kundera Case – Dirty Work of One Journalist

It all started from one article in Respect magazine. A ‘young explorer’ Adam Hradilek claims, the world famous writer and dramatist Milan Kundera lodged information against his university colleague to the communists. To write such an article about a famous person should be well backed by proofs. The only document Hradilek had was one police form. A form made by the STB, the communist secret police, an organization rotten to the roof. Instead of focusing on getting those STB agents to jail, the person decided to launch the article about Kundera. The article, which was clear it will instantly bring world reaction, and for some people, especially those who are eager to judge anyone the worst way, it will be finally a tool to lynch one of our best writers.

What is now going to happen? Quite probably, now there will be a battle for the truth. Whom are we going to trust? The testimony of historian Pesat, claiming that the informer was Dlask not Kundera, at the basis of discrepancies at the document proving there are large mistakes inside and his research of the matter? Or we are going to believe a document written by the communist police about Kundera being an informer? The second one satisfies the worse instincts, so for most it is satisfying. But they, who happily shout: lets get Kundera now! Are those who at the basis of old injustices make new ones, Kundera is the one who helped the whole nation to get a little more light.


Bush is going to announce when visa for Czechs stop

The President of the United states is going to announce in the White House today, for how long are the visas going to be necessary for Czechs going to the USA. It was announced by the foreign ministry of the USA yesterday.

That USA visas are going to be abandoned is a result of long-term goal of Czech negotiations. Czech politicians have indicated that the visa could be abandoned at the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution on 17th November.

Bush now agrees with the term, so 17th November is with high probability the day when we finally won’t need visas for travelling to the USA. Beside the CR, the list of 27 countries dispensing with visas would grow bigger of CR, SR, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, maybe even Malta and South Korea.


Killing Shooter at Paroubek's Book Party

In the Monach restaurant in the centre of Prague, the son of the keeper of Matejska Fair, the businessman Vaclav Kocka jr. was murdered on 9th October. It happened only a few hours after the leader of CSSD Jiri Paroubek baptized his new book, which translated title would be Czech Republic, Europe and the world by the Eyes of a Social Democrat.

When Paroubek left, the guests continued to party. The shooter Bohumir Duricko sat and drink a few drinks with Kocka. Afterwards, they started to quarrel, witnesses stated it was reportedly about who had more money with him at the moment. What happened after? Duricko claims Kocka attacked him, trying to punch him. As a consequence, he pulled out a weapon and shoot him three times. He would shoot him four times, but the projectile stayed blocked in the breech.

The family of Kocka was heart-broken, the father and keeper of Matejska Fair had to be transported to the hospital. Duricko later said he is afraid of vendetta. At least we know what people are among Paroubek’s friends. Paroubek later tries to disavow from the shooter, but its no use – he financed some CSSD campaigns.


Industrial palace stricken by fire

the front building stayed, its left wing is no more The massive fire which raged in the left wing of Industrial palace at Prague Exhibition Ground have left a wreckage behind, the part of the palace has collapsed in less than hour, leaving only heavily damaged remains of walls. The cause of fire is not known yet.

The large fire started yesterday at about 7 pm. Even when professional police units were at the place in a moment, and firefighter units from various cities surrounding Prague in a few moments later, however they only achieved the fire didn’t spread to the main building, the left wing was down at 8 pm.

In the burned down left wing of the palace had, according to some information, rented spaces a company, which belongs to Jan Kocka, brother of the murdered Vaclav Kocka jr. He was killed last Thursday after baptising ceremony of Jiri Paroubek’s new book. That is another big stroke for Kocka family.

We may ask, how it is possible the hall started to burn that fast, that in 15 minutes there were flames going out of every window. Was the fire set on? Or just an accident?

Kanye West cancelled his Prague concert

The American rapper Kanye West aborted his 24th November Prague concert, which should have taken place in O2 Arena. The first home performance of the denary owner of Grammy price was moved from production reasons. Barbora Vokata from the organizing WTF agency said they are negotiating the new term.

West dominated this year Grammy prizes. He won four of eight categories he was nominated in. According to the expectations he got price in the category of the best rap album with his record Graduation and the prize for the best rap artist.

The tickets you bough in the distribution net stay valid for the new date of his concert, whenever it is going to be, or it is possible to get cash back at any Sazka terminal.