Compact archive October 20, 2008

Industrial Palace in Prague – the week after fire

the front building stayed, its left wing is no more To sue the Incheba company, which take care about the Industrial palace at Prague Exhibition Ground considers the Pragodent company, which had equipment worth tens of millions czk in the left wing, which burned to ashes this weekend. They still wait with the legal proceedings, until the police investigation finishes.

The Incheba company also announced that they are going to initiate and organize restoration of the destroyed wing. The Exhibition Ground returns to business as usual – since Saturday, Incheba arena, swimming pool, Krizikova fontana, Sea World, Maroldovo panorama, and all the gastronomic facilities opened again.

Demolition of what remains from the left wing started yesterday. The substitute hall should be there soon, to see the wing rebuild is going to take a while.

The metropolis still weakened by Hepatitis A

During the last week, another 73 people got infected by Hepatitis A in Prague. At least the number is smaller than the week before, when it 95 got the infection. Now the Prague hygienic station files 584 cases in Prague, which means about 750 people in the whole country. The capital of course continues with anti-epidemic actions. One of them is for example vacations, which were applied to 4000 people so far, according to Prague councilman Pesak.

The infectious wards of Prague hospitals Na Bulovce and Faculty Thomayerova hospital are packed with the infected, the epidemics started at the end of holidays and the sickness still spread. It is still a small epidemic, though, compared to the one in 1985, when there were thousands of infected, at that time from Polish ice-cream. This time, the starters were Russian drug addicts.

Neo-nazis - Gipsies fight averted by police

The march of right-wing extremists in Litvinov has grown up into a conflict. Two people got hurt in the extreme action, Litvinov during the Saturday afternoon resembled a warzone. Quite a rough encounter of the radicals with the police produced two wounded.

About three hundred extremists gathered at a square, expressing their disagreement with the present political system. The crowd was shouting slogans like “Czechs to Czechs” or “Stop the black racism”. Than the mayor of Litvinov stand out, banned the gathering and ordered them to break up, as the demonstration wasn’t officially authorized.

The situation developed in a predictable way. The neo-nazi groups started to fight the police, broke their cordon and rushed Litvinov to gypsy quarters in smaller packs. Some of them made it there, where a group of gypsys, anti-fascists and left-hand radicals waited for them with clubs and baseball bats. The battle of these groups didn’t take place as the police forces stood between them.

The outcome is one hurt policemen and one hurt extremist.

Is Bem going to Big league politics?

Prague is the only district, which kept their ODS at lead. The crushing loss which ODS achieved in these regional elections bring the old question back – Is Bem going to work as the Prague Mayor as long as possible, or is he going to change it for the highest Czech politics?

ODS really got a piece of voter’s mind this time. How to get out of the trouble before the parliamentary elections? One solution is clearly visible: to replace Mirek Topolanek in the lead by Pavel Bem.

Meanwhile Prague ODS discuss silently about promoting Bem, Bem himself doesn’t want to talk about it, he has never wanted to. But it is very imaginable that if he challenged Topolanek, at the upcoming ODS meeting, he could get enough votes. Than, the new Prague Mayor would be probably Blazek, with Bem as the ODS leader.


CSSD Crushing win in Regional Elections

CSSD smashed ODS in regional elections by the 13:1 rate. The only region where ODS vindicated their position is Prague, the rest is led by the Social Democrats now. The weekend elections confirmed what we knew for a few months – the reforms ODS initiated, the radar matter and in recent weeks the Tlusty-Morava case, the ODS founder president Klaus shouting nonsenses every time he has a chance made their part – ODS have dropped record-breakingly.

On the other hand, CSSD under the iron-fist leading of Paroubek is united as it has never been before. Jiri Paroubek can celebrate his big triumph. They are going openly against the unpopular health charges, and they openly disagree with Klaus. They seem as a party that care more about people needs, than the needs of the country as a whole, so there will be increasing of state benefits and National debt.