Compact archive October 22, 2008

Best European Documentary of 2008: From Czech Republic

The Czech director Helena Trestikova gained the price for the best European documentary movie. It is the first Czech movie, which has been appreciated by the academy during its existence, a sucess which the moderate woman didn’t expect at all. Prizes of the European film academy Prix Arte are considered to be the European Oscars. The prize for the best documentary movie went to Helena Trestikova and her movie Rene. The author seemed really surprised: “I absolutely didn’t expect it. Just the nomination was something I considered the top one can achieve.”

The Trestikova bets on relationships and social problematics, she made about fifty short documentary movies, picturing young delinquents, necromaniacs or prostitutes. Her specialization is the time-collecting method, where the film protagonists are watched and filmed by her for tens of years. This way, she created the Marital Etudes, which was a stunning success in Czech Television. One of the etudes was developed into the documentary film Rene (he is a recidivist who even robbed her house), which won the festival.


American Visa Abolished for Czechs. Now What?

The American President George W. Bush has announced Czechs do not need visas anymore, starting probably on 17th November 2008, the exact date wasn’t released yet. Still, there is a necessity for Czechs to fill the Internet form, where are going to be similar questions as were given in the past visas meetings at the US embassy. Basically, those questions are aimed for sorting out those who could be dangerous for the US.

The registration is free and stay valid for two years. Those who want to go there need a digital passport where is saved a photo and finger-prints. The controls at the US airports continue in the same way as before. Those who have the visas do not need to make a new ones. Those, who received a negative answer after filling the electronic form have to go to the Embassy for a second shot.


Alicia Keys in Prague Video shortly before concert

Alicia’s first concert in Prague took place on 14th October 2008. Pikant magazin wrote about it: “… an impressive music programme accompanied by magnificent show. Literary breath-taking were her songs when she played the grand piano during her singing. She proved how much tameless energy she has. “

About the video: Alicia Keys going to sing at HC Sparta Arena, going to the stage, the crowds are going mad up there, Alicia comes to the stage wearing (prolly artificial) fur coat… “ I’m in Prague, feeling good … also, we are at some fricking hockey ring!” She also learned a sentence in Czech. What sentence? Find out in the video….

Kocka's burial: 3 pairs of horses

One thousand five hundred of funeral guests, five hundred cars, three pairs of horses, who are going to carry the body of Vaclav Kocka jr. into the newly build family tomb at Brevnov. It starts today at 11 am. Drivers going through the metropolis can expect a lot of traffic limitations.

The mourning parade is going to stop at Brevnovsky Klaster church. So be prepared to meet some heavy traffic at the area. Kocka died at a celebration of Jiri Paroubek, where he was shoot. The police haven’t still negated theories that the death and fire of Prague Exhibition Palace, which is connected to Kocka family, has the same vendetta behind.


The Left Wing of Industrial Palace must be Rebuild in Two Years

The capital city of Prague came with a solution of the Industrial Palace fire with an addition to the contract with Incheba company, who hires the palace. City councilmen have agreed that Incheba is going to build a replica of the Industrial Palace left wing until 30th September 2010 the latest. If Incheba won’t accede to the convention, the city is going to withdraw from the lease contract.

Incheba is the insurer of the Prague Exhibition Ground, so to rebuild the palace should be financed from the policy. If the amount won’t be enough, they will pay the rest. If they won’t agree with it, they can still pass the works to the city. Incheba company has not commented the proposal yet, but there may be even a law-suit, as Incheba has the palace rented from 2001 to 2061.