Compact archive October 24, 2008

Legendary Indian Gold in Prague Exhibition

The legendary Indian gold, which is a part of the Peruvian national treasure, arrived yesterday evening to Prague. In the seven massive chests were packed 90 golden items of uncountable historical value. Before the treasure was stored in the show-cases of the Highest Burgrave of the Prague Castle, it was throughfully checked by two Peruvian curators with the director of the Peruvian National Museum director. Only these can touch the treasure.

The complete exposition will present golden cups, death masks, ritual knives and jewels, but also gloves made of gold or long past Inca epilator. The pieces are wonderful, illustrating goldsmithing abilities of Andean culture before the country was seized by the Europeans. They will be unpacked and presented in following days, so they could be presented to the public from 1st November to 29th May 2009.

The Organizers expect that the exhibition is going to attract visitors from Europe, not just form the Czech republic, as it was when it became a hit in Germany, becoming a worthy spend time for 160 thousand people. It is opened daily 10:00-18:00. Adults 220, students/seniors 160 czk.


Prague Firemen did Good job, Industrial Palace can be reconstructed.

The insurance companies Uniqua nad Ceska podnikatelska pojistovan are going to give Incheba company the policy money for the Industrial palace renewal. The Industrial Palace in Prague was stricken by fire last week and it lost its left wing. Even when Prague firemen were on the place in a few minutes, the fire which started from spray explosion was too extensive to save the left wink. They worked hard the whole night in order to stop the fire from jumping over to the main building, using the technique called ‘water wall’. This week, they were awarded by medals, for saving at least the rest.

The city is going to urge the works so the wing would be back at its place in 2010. Accordign to speakers of Uniqua, Incheba only needs to bring the conception of using the policy, effective use is going to be accredited and the rebulkldation can start.

The Pope to Czech state: Return St. Vituch Church to the Church

The Czech republic has been suing for fifteen years with the Catholic church about the most important Czech religious cultural monument, the St. Vitus Cathedral. Recently, the pope Benedict XVI. entered the discussion and strongly recommended the Czech Republic to ‘return’ the property to the Church. As a matter of fact, the building was made half and half by the Church and the state, financed from both sources. The communists taken the church into complete possession of the state, now the Church want the complete possession to be transferred to them.

The Czech government doesn’t want to transfer the President’s office into the hands of the Church, they have in mind a compensation, on which basis they could both benefit. On the last try, they wanted to return to the church a third of their possessions, the rest should be compensated by a financial amount, the last idea was to give 83 billions czk. The compromise was however crossed by Vlastimil Tlusty and others, who voted against it. The solution is far away.

James Blunt returns to Prague

…after two years. The British musician James Blunt introduces his latest album All the Lost Souls this Monday in Tesla Arena. The first time the songster Blunt sold out the space of Lumbeho garden at the Prague Castle in 2006. This time he goes directly to the Arena with some new songs. His début Back to Bedlam, published tree years ago, sold more than eleven millions copies, which put Blunt among the most selling world artists of the present.

He gained two prestigious Brit Awards, he was also nominated for Grammy. His fresh song All the Lost Souls became golden after after the first week and the single 1973 meant his first international number one on both sides of the Atlantic. James Blunt dated Czech top model Petra Nemcova, they met in December 2005 and started dating the following year. They were together until February 2008.

James Blunt in Prague @ Tesla Arena, Czech Republic, tickets at Ticketpro for 1.500 – 740,- czk


Arnost Lustig was Awarded

The well-known writer of Czech origin Arnost Lustig gained from the hand of Pavel Bem the Prize of Franz Kafka. The annual giver of the prize is the Franz Kafka Society. Their intention is to highlight those important personalities of world literature, who have merit in values of democracy, tolerance and humanism. The prize is given with a reward of 10 000 dollars. “If you would get 10 000 dollars, you would be happy too” the fresh laureate commented his feelings.

Arnost Lustig is the author whose main inspiration is primarily his own life experience. The horrors of holocaust have became the main topic of his short stories, later novels. The most known books are Demanty noci (Diamonds in the night), Modlidba pro Kateřinu Horovitzovou (A Prayer for Katarina Horovitzova) or Dita Saxova. A few of his novels were filmed, in 2003 his novel Krasne Zelene oci (Lovely Green Eyes) was nominated for Pulitzer prize in prosaic category.