Compact archive October 29, 2008

Paroubek's party murderer: a normal quarrell

Police investigation of Vaclav Kocka murder is going to its finale. According to the police the motive of shooting at the Paroubek’s book was not a payback of two mafia groups, but a ‘normal’ pub quarrell. If those two, who were clearly highly positioned persons of Prague underworld, wanted to settle accounts, they probably wouldn’t do it on Paroubek’s book party. If they weren’t drunk.

If the court finds Duricko guilty, he can get 10-15 years. The murder got media coverage as a consequence the victim was a famous son of the Matejska pout renter, also because the shooting took place at the party of CSSD, right before the regional elections. The funeral ceremony was massive. Both the shooter and the victims are members of Social Democracy.

Queen want to Rock the world in Prague

The music pact Queen + Paul Rodgers lasts and goes around the globe for the second time. Songs from the new album The Cosmos Rock and older hits they they want to rock if not the universe, so at least the fans in O2 Arena in Prague. The concert starts on Friday 31st October at 20:00.

To join the half of Queen (guitarist Brian May and a drummer Roger Taylor, the bass-guitarist Jophn Deacon refused to participate on the comeback) with the singer Paul Rodgers, two words collapsed. The shining theatre of Queen with earthy Blues-rock of Paul Rodgers appealed somehow unfit for some fans, for the others it was somehow more honest, than if the rest of Queen only found Freddie’s doubler and acted like nothing happened.

Not many people expected this would work for more than one tour. But it happened and in September a new studio album called The Cosmos Rock was published.


Bem to became the new leader of ODS?

After the Civic Democrats sustained the crushing defeat in regional and senate elections, the party is looking for a new leader. Even when Pavel Bem lately resisted many speculations he should be the leader of ODS with reasoning he really enjoys being the Mayor of Prague, the time has changed and beside Evzen Tosenovsky, there is no other person so popular in the party.

Bem officially accepted his nomination yesterday and in six weeks, at the December meeting he is going to face Mirek Topolanek. Bem has a powerful ally – the president Vaclav Klaus, who agrees with him being the new leader of the ODS.

Evzen Tosenovsky, on the other hand, has the reputation of a non-conflict person, also he doesn’t played his part on the debacle of ODS, like Bem did as the vice-chairman. One question remains – even when the party finds the lamb in Topolanek, is it going to change anything in the parliamentary elections in 2010?


The Civic Democrats (ODS) have probably last chance to accredit the radar

The citizens have expressed in these elections clearly what they do not want: no reformation of health service and no ‘American’ radar. The regional and senate elections were more a referendum against the Topolanek’s government. That’s why, in getting to senate, succeeded the significant antagonists of the Radar. It is very probable the matter is going to be discussed at an early date.

The plan of ODS, which in its old compound still has the absolute majority, should be as following: to authorise the radar contract today, than to list it on the tomorrow senate negotiation and authorise it as well. The vice-chairman of the parliament Lubomir Zaoralek has admitted this chance is real. The Radar negotiation was one of the main international activities of the Government and it wants to finish it successfully.


90 years since Czechoslovakia foundation: military parade in Prague

Prague saw the elite of Czech armed forces. The first military parade after the Velvet Revolution have seen tens of thousands in the metropolis. At the 90th anniversary of origin of independent Czechoslovakia, the Evropska trida in Prague saw marching of more than 2100 persons and the audience also saw 196 pieces of military hardware.

It wasn’t a demonstration of power, but a presentation of top military units and members of the integrated lifeguard system. Such as the yesterday parade, one couldn’t have seen for long 23 years here. During the time, the Czech military have essentially changed. The national service was abandoned and the country has developed a professional army. Even more important was we have became a member of NATO.

Our soldiers have proven many times we belong to the NATO alliance, as we have really time-proven top units. But the fact we really need the army was shown a few years ago the most, when our country was stricken with devastating floods. We still remember, how the army with firemen were helping for many days non-stop.