Compact archive October 31, 2008

Respect is not going to apologize to Kundera. The writer considers to sue.

The Respect magazine is not going to apologize to Kundera for the article “Kundera informer” Kundera’s representative in the Czech Republic Jiri Srstka announced Respect wrote him very briefly, they are not going to apologise for anything. Kundera is now considering his next steps, the legal proceedings for personality protection against Respect is not excluded.

Respect published the article about alleged Kundera’s informing in the middle of October. At the basis of the document, which a historian found in the office for totalitarian regimes study they claim the famous writer alleged an anti-communist fighter Miroslav Dvoracek, who than spend 14 years in a communist prison.

Kundera said the article is an “attempt on a writer’s life”. And a few personalities stand by him, e.g. literary historian Zdenek Pesat, who claims the informer was Miroslav Dlask.

When do I need Winter Tires in the Czech Republic?

The Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic came with the public notice for 2008 – Since this November, Winter Tires are necessary when there is -5 Celsius, on the D1 motorway. Originally, you didn’t have to use Winter Tyres from ht law, but when there was an accident, the one with regular tyres was always in truble.

So carefully, when the termometer shows less than -5, and you are going from Prague to Brno, and you see the traffic sign, you can get fined for summer ones. It is also possible to continue with snow chains on. Placement of the sign on other roads is now in jurisdiction of districts themselves. The Sign is valid from November to the end of March.


Bronze babies at Kampa

baby on zizkov tower One of the unofficial Prague symbols, the black babies which climb the Zizkov television tower and bring back to memory that to make innovative art means to fight the system, like their author, David Cerny. His babies at Kampa are, as opposed to those black at Zizkov, bronze-coloured.

The sculptor, whose art is placed in many public spaces of Prague, co-produces the face of Prague, whether we like it or not. Even when the Bronze Babies are at Kampa legally, for example during the August anniversary of USSR occupation of Czechoslovakia he wanted to put a pink occupation tank again on the street, however the government had strongly opposed. Cerny didn’t waste time, found a sponsor, and put a torso of an occupation tank on the square by himself again..

He didn’t get in confrontation with the law this time. So Kampa park in Prague is now in token of giant statues.


The station Narodni trida in Prague will be only closed for 8 months

The initiative against the construction of the new business centre at Prague Narodni Trida have managed an achievement for those travelling to Prague centre – the station will be probably closed ‘only’ for eight months instead of incredible sixteen. This is the length which announced the Prague Public Transport company as needed for building of the centre above and interrelated reconstruction of the metro station itself.

Those 5000, who signed the petition, aren’t, however, going to get rid of the station closure. According to the councilman Steiner the reconstruction is necessary to be done anyways. The station has been, since it was build in 1985, in permanent service without any repairs for 23 years. He also adds, that when stations at line A were reconstructed, it appeared the minimum time necessary is one year. We will see.


The tunnel under Vysehrad is going to be closed.

Prague expect troubles in traffic due to Vysehrad tunnel, where the tramlines need repair. The reconstruction starts this Monday, it will last a month and will bring a few changes in tramlines. The substitute traffic around the tunnel will also be done by ferries and buses. The travellers can use substitute boats X-21 going from Vyton to Podolska Vodarna, or the bus line X-17.

The tramway track which supports very used lines like 17 and 3 hasn’t been repaired for 26 years. The 300 m section Vyton – Podolska a complete renewal. The reason is executable: emergency state of the track. The rock in which the tunnel will be reconstructed can’t be blown away, because there are remains of one of the oldest Prague buildings atop of it.