Compact archive November 4, 2008

The Real McKenzies in Prague 2day

The Canadian Celtic-Punk group The Real McKenzies, well known to those who visit Summer Festivals come to Prague Rock Café to bring their great show again.

The Canadian group come to please the friends of vigorous Punk, especially the one who is partial to Celtic roots. The seven men group from Vancouver has been on the scene for seven years, since 1992, and inspired such groups as Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys. All the group members have Scottish roots so to include backpipes into the line-up is definitely not an uneasy shot for the world music genre.

The Real McKenzies are famous especially for their tireless concerting, and their live performances guarantee energetic, wild and traditionally drunk show. Their concert is going to definitely be one of the most crazy performances in Prague this week.


Anti-hooligan law proposal in Czech Republic

The new law has been needed for quite some time, the most visible it was when a group of ‘football fans’ went on a spree at Stadium Strahov, worth 19t Euro.

If the proposal passes the parliament, the hooligans in the whole Czech republic will have to watch their steps much more. They can get a ban to cultural, sport and other social events, in total length up to ten years.

The idea is the well-known brawlers should not be able to do more disturbances on given events. The outcome should be a gradual realization of steps, which should eliminate stadium violence as much as possible. To disobey the ban would mean a crime act and can get up to three years.

This is logical another step, after the stadium courts were established.


World Famous Writers Stand by Kundera

The Czech writer Milan Kundera, accused of alleged informing for the communist police, gained support of his renowned colleagues yesterday. Eleven of world renown writers, among which are four laureates of Nobel prize for literature have disapproved the “smirching campaign” led against Kudnera.

Among the signers of the document published in Paris are i.a. Nadine Gordimer, Gabriel García Márquez, John Maxwell Coetzee and Orhan Pamuk: “… a insinuating campaign with the aim to blacken Kundera’s reputation with the allegation he was informer in 1950”

With respect to Kundera categorically denying the accusation, and also literary historian Zdenek Pesat supporting him, the authors come to the conclusion the Czech press has too often spread the fame with consternating easiness, not considering what contradicts it.

Kundera still haven’t expressed, whether he will go all the way to defen his honour at a court, as he consideret suing, unless he gets an apology from the magazine.

Old Town Square: Enthusiasts want Historical Pillar to return, have 3 pieces of replica already made

The pilla long gone The group dates their origin at 1992. What do they want? Rebuilding of Mariansky Sloup, the pillar which stood at the Old Town Square since 1650. Yesterday, they commemorated 90 years from the day it was pulled down.

The ‘Society for Mariansky Sloup restoration’ gathered on the Old Town Square together with some more supporters of this piece of art, who attempt to return the sight on the most important Prague Square.

Three pieces of the pillar replica have already been cut out, as a professional sculpturer has been working on it for years free of charge. But whether it will be authorized to return is a question. The city hall has denied their request three times, but if the Old Town Square Town Hall will be restored, it may be restored as well.


Hepatitis A finally retreating from Prague

There is less of new patients with Hepatitis A in Prague, finally. After a month when the numbers were growing alarmingly, they finally started to improve. During the last week, in metropolis took the disease 34 people in total, which is 19 people less than the week before, and a few hundred less than two weeks before.

The Hepatitis appeared in the Czech Republic before the summer holidays, and until now it stroke more than thousand people, most of them in Prague. It was the metropolis, where the epidemic started spreading from necromaniacs. The ‘main’ month with the most newly infected was September. That the sickness retreats was confirmed by leading doctors as well.