Compact archive November 6, 2008

Nigerian Songster ASA in Prague

The ‘Nigerian Tracy Champan’ Asa, who should have performed at this year open air festival Respect already, finally arrives to Prague. She is going to sing this Saturday. Asa, by own name Bukola Elemide, belongs to the most interesting discoveries of the contemporary Western-African scene and thanks to hits like Jailer or Fire On the Mountain from the last year eponymous debut album she got into sub-consciousness of European listeners.

Beside her African temperament we can look forward to typical songster urgency. She likes to float on the vibez of reggae and jazz, the easiest way to define her would be as a folk-soul musician. Records of the ‘falcon wife’ are at her myspace. Asa at Palace Acropolis in Prague on 9th November 2008, the concert starts at 19:30. Something warm into this weather will definitely be a relief.


Charles Bridge reconstruction - bungled or not?

Two groups of restorationists started to fight mercilessly over the Charles Bridge reconstruction. At one side are the representatives of the National Monuments Office (NMO), on the other one are the representatives of the National Monuments inspection of the Ministry of Culture. We informed you about their main points yesterday, now lets take a closer look at points the Inspectors made.

1.Some major mistakes in the documentation – there important sources missing. The inspection claims the reconstruction shouldn’t had started before documentation was complete. The NMO says the papers are just not in one file, and that there would be ‘something missing’ at all the big constructions

2.Too many Charles Bridge stones replaced – this is controversial. It is really necessary to replace all the damaged stones, even when some of them might have stayed there? Both the sides have geologists, who say something different.

3.Workers’ job of low quality – there are visible mistakes at the stone railing of the bridge, and that is undiscussable. In this point, the opposing sites agree, it must be repaired, in some places deconstructed and put together again so it would be tip-top.

In any case, we stand at a beginning of a long-term dispute, there probably was a professional misconduct, the interesting part is to watch, how much of the quarrel is about sights, and how much about power over sights.


Changes In Prague Metro Interior

The projection screens return. They were installed in 2006, worked for about a year, to be again packed for 2007. The problem was, according to Prague Public Transport Company, their unprofitability. They displayed overall news from home and abroad, but also news about public transport, which the Metro travellers need. Also a handful gadget was in right corner, displaying the time until next metro arrives. They have now returned, the interface hasn’t changed, but this time travellers get also a potion of advertisements with their news.

The second thing to comeback are trashcans. These were removed from all the stations in 2001, when we were all too afraid of terrorist attacks. But as we found out, the stations became much more dirty than would be nice, with still no terrorists around the trashcans return this week, the same type as is on Ruzyne Airport.


Obama is the President, will it change Czech Radar negotiations?

As the Social Democrats (CSSD) won regional and senate elections in the CR, with their programme i.a. focused against the US radar base, whether it will be build is still a question. But still – most of the society has all the negative US policy connected to the character of G.W.Bush, with him gone, the chance they will finally built the thing will increase.

The world of Czech public space dominated Kremlin propaganda against the radar, and neither G.W.B nor the ODS bothered to explain the Czech society the radar is actually good. FSK (formerly KGB), on the contrary, didn’t waste time and spend years by an anti-radar crusade. Thanks to it, now almost 2/3 of Czechs is against the radar, but that can change. Change is what Obama won with, right?

Obama may negotiate with the EU and NATO more than Bush did, he also started to negotiate the radar matter with Czechs, using YouTube ( watch here ). Russia traditionally threatens, we are slowly getting used to them haunting us with weapons, so Medvedev announced they are going to build radars as well as an answer.


Petr Cech defended his Gold Ball title

In the journalist inquiry Zlatý Míč – Golden Ball of the CR Petr Cech steadily draws up to Pavel Nedved. Nedved won five times, but not in a raw. For Cech it was ‘a season on a swing’ as he says – he lost the Master’s league and there was also the non—successful European championship. Even in these days the goalkeeper alternates positives with negatives. This weekend, he gained 100th zero in the Blues dress.

Golden Ball rank :
1st Petr Cech (Chelsea) 1664 points, 2nd Tomas Rosicky (Arsenal) 945, 3rd Marek Jankulovski (AC Milán) 777, 4th Pavel Nedved (Juventus) 578, 5th Libor Sionko (Copenhagen)

Newcomer of this year :
1st Frantisek Drizdal (Slavia) 88, 2nd Jan Moravek (Bohemians 1905) 64, 3rd Lukas Marecek (Brno) 15

The coach of the year :
1st Karel Jeronym (Slavia) 122, 2nd Karel Vecera (Ostrava) 61, 3rd Karel Bruckner (CR + Austria Represents) 32