Compact archive November 10, 2008

Jean Michel Jarre concert in Prague this Thursday

Jean Michal Jarre was born in 1948 in Lyon. He is one of the most influential icons of the modern electronic music.

Jarre started his career in 1968, when he joined GRM Group in Paris, when he starts to experiment with electro-classic music together with Pierre Schaeffer. A year later he publishes his first single. His most famous creation becomes, however, the album Oxygene, thanks to which he gains world recognition.

Among his biggest life achievements is the concert of 14th June 1995 “Concert Pour La Tolerance” under the Eiffel Tower in Paris to celebrate the 50th UNESCO anniversary, attended by 1,5 million people.

A new life to his production came in 2007 with the Téo & Téa. Jarre came with something new for the young generation. To the 30th anniversary of Oxygene, beside the album symbolising his most known album he prepared a tour specialized for concert or theatre halls. Fans could enjoy not only live performance, but especially the music service.

Jean Michel Jarre, the true legend, comes to Prague, and you can be there. Tickets: 990-1590 czk. The 30th anniversary of Jean Michel Jarre in Prague O2 Arena.


Inca Gold Exhibition at Prague Castle

The Exhibition in Prague was seen by thousand visitors already.
Golden cups, death masks, gems, jewelery and sacrificial knives, but also gloves hand-made from gold or musical instrument made hundreds of years ago can be admired by people in the Highest Burgrave of Prague Castle.

One of the exhibition organizers Magdalena Bicikova says: “ the exhibition was seen by thousands of people during the first week already. Solely this weekend, there was more than 1500 visitors. Prague citizens are attracted to it”

The items come form the Museo del Oro – Museum of Gold in Peruvian Lima. Their insurance value is about 13 millions €, however their historical value is incalculable.

The unique exhibition “Proklete Zlato – 1000 let Zlata Inku” exhibition is opened until 25th May 2009, in the Supreme Burgrave’s House of the Prague Castle.


Prague Zoo can still use their logo

Prague Zoo can go on using their horse logo, the court decided. This is the end of the long-term dispute, when the artist Michal Cihlar sues Prague Zoo for using the logo. The artist made it for the Zoo in 1998, but due to their mostly personal dispute he retreat from the cooperation, demanding to get money for every use of graphics he ever made for the Prague Zoo under a contract.

The Director of Zoo Petr Fejk, who made the contract with him, declared the legal proceedings the artist entered surprised him and the whole Zoo – Cihlar has never complained during the nine years the Prague Zoo has been using it. “I assume his contemporary behaviour is a purposeful operation with effort to get more money” and the court agrees with him.

The Zoo tried to find a new artist, but they weren’t successful yet. The Campaign ‘Made by Nature’ became, from a substitutional one, a full campaign nowadays.


The Levellers come to Prague, are catchy on their new album

The English group return to their roots, they introduced their last record by a concert in the Czech republic as well. It is clear they, after years of struggling, found the lost effect and return in good health. They again open the music box with sharp rhythms, sing-along reference and in the political lyrics aim directly to the top places of the ‘rotten society’. Their new album Letters From The Underground returns to their 90’s roots, into the trash-folk madness and sharp social critique.

At the contemporary concerts won’t be just their successful news, but they surely like to play their older tracks from A Weapon Called the World or Levelling the Land. The band themselves and their office staff had been personally involved in fighting the legislation throughout the previous year, taking part in marches, organising fly postering campaigns and adverts in the mass media, setting up fund to which many bands contributed, and raising the awareness.

The Levellers in Prague on 16th November 2008 in Palace Akropolis.


Goods worth 100 million czk burned at the Vietnamese warehouse

It is too soon to say what was the cause of the SAPA market-hall, as the investigation is going to take a few weeks at least. The building was a maze – many lower ceilings and long shelves on the area of two football fields on each other complicated work of firemen, but luckily no one got hurt, like the last time a few years ago, when a fireman fell through such a lower ceiling and had to be rescued himself.

The chairman of Czech-Vietnamese society Marcel Winter pointed at huge personal misfortune, which stroke about six hundred Vietnamese tradesman, as the warehouse was packed to the roof with goods for Christmas markets, he personally estimating the damages to 100 millions czk.

The extensive fire was fought since Thursday midnight by 420 firemen and they won their fight on Saturday, after long 40 hours. Considering the number of firemen in action, this fire was one of the biggest in the history of the Czech Republic.