Compact archive November 12, 2008

Legal Age in Czech Republic: Now 14, criminal responsibility, papers, sex

The parliamentaries have passed a revolutionary change in Czech criminal code. Young people will get more responsibility and rights a year earlier than we were used to.

The reason is increasing violent acts committed by 14 year olds,with almost no possibility of adequate punishing. That is going to change. The parliementaries have agreed on hte proposal, according to which in 2010 even the 14-yos could enf up in prison.

The law went through with dificulties, though; some said it is “criminalizing of kids” but the same responsibility has kids in Germany and Austria as well.

the reform of the criminal code brings another important changes. For a planned murder one can get up to 20 years insteda of 15, finally stalking is going to be punishable. On the contrary, a murder on a tyran will be considered less punishable.


Parouberk Brings Communists back to Power in the Czech Republic

Paroubek explains, why his party decided, after won regional elections, to reign together with the communists. He always says something like he is not really exited with having the communist around, but as the other parties do not wish to cooperate, he is ging to govern with what he has. He said for MF Dnes: “People will get used to them. If it is going to work fine, people won’t want to change.”

Let me translate it for you: – I am not exited from cooperating with the commies, but people can get used to them like they did before. – and explained once more it would be: – If it is going to work in regions without people complaining and/or demonstrating, it means people are ready for us to form the government after 2010 with the communists in the parliament. –

When Jiri Paroubek is asked, whether he is going to form the government with them, he says: “if they are going to change a bit, I may consider that.”

Copa Centre on Narodni Trida – Offices, Flats, Shopping....

The new multi-functional object, which is going to grow upon the metro station Narodni Trida, is going to cost about four billions czk. Four underground and eight overground floors offer flats, restaurants, shopping centre and arcades, administrative spaces, underground parking for two hundred fifty cars, and also a new barrierless metro vestibule.

The construction is going to last about 25 months, but still it is not clear when the building works are going to begin.

The Centre is made by six together connected buildings, from which one will be connected to the tesco building. Spaces between the buildings will be made by a covered street and a business passage. The project counts with a new square, with trees, seats and water fountains.


Fire at Vietnamese Marketplace in Prague: days after

Destruction of Vietnamese ‘label’ goods is investigated by the police, foreign police, the firemen, Czech business inspection and Prague City Hall. The warehouse building in Prague, large as two football fields on each other, burned almost to the ashes, the firemen worked on it for three days straight.

Problems with the markethall repeat. It is a private business enterprise, where the responsibility lies on the owner and manager, however after the last accident it is clear it is a problem and the city has to deal with it.

One centre of a fire was located, the detectives consider the cause was negligence, electroinstallation malfunction, eventually an intention.

Chinese and Vietnamese embassies in Prague have also occupied themselves with the cause, planning to make a gathering of the involved sides.

The Charles Bridge Reconstruction Dispute probably ends in a draw

The situation is quite paradoxical.

The capital doesn’t agree with the outcome of the historian inspection of the Ministry of Culture, according to which the Charles Bridge railing is permanently damaged. They said for Denik: “The style of control was very biased, the inspectors came with an opinion, they didn’t care about points of our specialists.” the deputy of Prague Town Council Martin Trnka said yesterday.

The reconstructing company has appealed to the minister of culture Vaclav Jehlicka. The problem of the whole dispute is the inspection claims there were too many stones replaced in the railing, but as the bridge is repaired by the City Deputy of Sights, which is the deputy organizing the reconstruction itself, so the office should decide among their opinion and the opinion of the inspectors.

The question is, whether is the Ministry of Culture going to deal with it, or set another commission to inspect the works and the last inspection… in any case, a pedestrian won’t notice there is anything wrong with the bridge railing anyways.