Compact archive November 13, 2008

Breakers Pendulum in Prague

For the first, and probably even for the last, time, it is possible to encounter a truly unique show by the Australian project Pendulum, which is going to, using hard drum and bass with heavy electric guitars, demolish the Prague club Roxy, filled to the top by crowds.

The six member group is formed by musical veterans and producers. They went through waves of metal and hardcore madness, than went into Dnb frenzy, creating unique blend of styles. Today they are among the most fundamental groups on the scene, building their production on dj’s sets and life production as well.

Pendulum have achieved recognition by their debut album Hold your Colour and by their sharp remix of Prodigy Voodoo People. Pendulum live in Roxy, 18th November. Tickets at Ticketpro, 1000czk.


Czech Greens made trucks stop on Friday evenings.

After months of negotiations it is finally decided. The government has accredited the law novel of traffic law, according to which the weekend ban for trucks extends to Friday afternoons as well. The limit applies to cars heavier than 7,5 ton, which can’t go from 15 to 18 hours to any street.

The law also specifies the exceptions:

1)combined transport (highway + train)
2)subjects of fast decay
3)live animals
5)National Post shipments
6)cultural events equipment

Martin Bursik who put the proposal through explains it is forced by the heavy Friday traffic, during which is twice as much car accidents than in the other days. He continues that they wanted to limit Friday traffic, and the only way is to limit trucks because it is not possible to limit cars.


Czech European Chairmanship Logo

For the next half of the year, the country is gong to be flooded with bright letters. The Chairmanship symbol of the Czech Rep is ‘EU2009.CZ’, brought out in colourful letters. The other logo is the European map made of colour letters. The Prime Minister deputy Vondra explains it symbolises diversity and openness, our strong points.

The logo will be everywhere – on billboards, in television, on many souvenirs, like ties and scarfs, umbrellas or bags. That is a common practice in all the EU countries. The logo will appear at all the official events of the Union, which are going to take place in the Czech Republic in the first half of 2009.

Meanwhile Czech Government prepares for the event, the President Klaus earned critique in Ireland for his meeting with the local fighter against the Lisbon treaty. Irish foreign minister labelled Klaus’s opinions as absurd.


Klaus creates an unrealistic picture of the CR abroad

The Irish criticize Klaus’ words on the expense of Lisbon treaty. Klaus’ very often used word is ‘false’, (usually everything he disagrees with is false) so the Lisbon treaty is “shallow and false”. According to the Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin Klaus, who labelled himself a EU dissident forgets that the real dissidents once helped to to free the countries of eastern block from communism. At that time, Klaus never did a thing for the dissidents like Havel, on the contrary, he was preparing himself for a career in the Communist party.

They consider Klaus especially dangerous in Ireland, because in this country was the treaty rejected on the contrary of what the government wished.The Czech President doesn’t mind the Lisbon treaty was denied especially of voters of the left. The Czech Green Party let himself be heard: “Klaus’ ultraconservative personal opinions, which he spreads no matter his constitutional function create unrealistic image of the Czech Republic”


The Drastic Campaign for Road Safety new Videos

The efforts of the Ministry of Transport to lower the number of deaths during car accidents brought us another 2 short movie clips of opened brutality. In the first spot, a car of young newly-weds smoke a joint of marijuana during driving, leading to not giving way to a bus, which smashes their car and kills the bride. In the second clip a new-born baby flies from the arms of the mother on the back seat to the windshield, dying, sending its mother to an insane asylum. If you dare to watch it, you can go to

The campaign has shown us very naturalist movies so far. In the last three videos we have seen many ways of deaths by a driving wheel, there is probably more at where it comes from. The most expensive campaign of the transport ministry with the budget of 5,5 million € is going to last until 2010, the media is Czech Television, Internet, magazines and billboards.