Compact archive November 14, 2008

Former criminalist infirms alleged Kundera's informing for communists

The Czech writer Milan Kundera, who, according to the article of a young historian Adam Hradilek in 50s laid information against a former western agent Miroslav Dvoracek

According to the police investigator at the time, Kundera didn’t have to come to the police office and inform against anybody. The witness of the techniques Alois Paser, now 81, has worked as a criminalist and in 1949 and 1950 cooperated at investigations at Prague Letna college. Sudents allegedly often reported about suspicious individuals on the college, the same way could have been reported Dvoracek.

According to the Paska’s analysis the record was made after the action at the college, when Dvoracek was arrested. Pasek so concluded the criminalist could have written Kundera’s personal information as a ‘college foreman’, i.e. the person they can contact when in need.

The Communist Party returns to Power. Slowly, steadily.

After 19 years the communist party wasn’t allowed to do legislative they return to power at two regions, where they will govern with CSSD. In the Moravian-Slezko the CSSD led by Jaroslav Palas, who is ‘an ex-communist’ himself, agreed with the communists they will parcel the chairs 8:3. We can see return of old communist politicians, like RSDr. Svatomir Recman (RSDr means he studied communist politics at the university.)

The joint of CSSD and the KSCM (Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia) aroused sharp reactions. The Opava ODS member Zbynek Stanjura said the regional government is now under communist management, meaning decay.

The election was accompanied by the Young Conservatives and the representatives of Political Prisoners Confederation, stating: Paroubek told us we will get used to commies. Let him know we will never get.”


Dalai Lama visiting Czech Parliament

The Tibetan leader is going to talk with Czech Parliamentarians for the first time. China doesn’t like it of course. Dali Lama comes to the Czech Republic for the sixth time on 29th November. He previously met various MPs like Bursik, but this time he meets the whole ‘Friends of Tibet’ group of Czech Parliament.

Meanwhile China got finally used to Dali Lama meeting Vaclav Havel, to meet non-dissident regular MPs is according to China a ‘calculated provocation’. According to China Dalai Lama wants to separate Tibet from China, but he denies it – he only wants China to keep human rights there.

On 30th November, Dalai Lama is going to speak for Czechs in the Prague Congress centre with the lecture called simply “Understanding: the way to happiness.”


Berlusconi expressed love to Russia by aversion to Radar

The Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi claims the project of the American Radar in the Czech Republic is “a provocation of Russia” he said that during the official visit of Russia. He added that “the process of EU, USA and West drawing apart from Russia” should be stopped Corriere della Sera informs. “The problem in relation of Russia and the West exists and it could change in a catastrophe needlessly.” he points out. The strong statement was heard before today initiation of the EU and Russia summit in Nica.

Berlusconi also says what caused today tense atmosphere: “…the provocative project of the American anti-rocket defense in Poland and Czech Republic, the foreign recognition of Kosovo and the planned entering of Georgia and Ukraine to NATO. The Russian President announced that he is going to move nuclear rockets to Kaliningrad last week.

72 yo Berlusconi likes to provoke, it is question whether he puts himself int the role of a possible middleman among Moscow and Washington, or on the side of Moscow.


Sex With a Fourteen? Doctors are against the new law.

The new criminal code shocked the sexologists. The problem is not in a teenage couple having sex, but in the possibility of tossing a 14yo to some deviant legally. For example the Sexologists Zelmira Herrova says: “Fourteen is a sensitive age, when the kid learns to make love to a partner. If one has sex earlier, it is not complete on the emotional side. When they realize later, they have guilt feelings.

The sexologists know it is legal i.e. in Austria from fourteen as well – they simply say it is wrong, as human sexuality forms between 13-15.

If girls start having sex at an early age, even when gynaecologists say it won’t harm their physical health, their mental health is in danger, say sexologists. They know, that girls that have sex before they are 15 have often more sex partners, they are more frequently sick with sexually transmitted diseases and have more interruptions.

Is the possibility of getting a few more teenagers to jail really worth jeopardising lives of the much more numerous rest?