Compact archive November 18, 2008

Prague National theatre Celebrates 125 years from its re-opening

The building also opens unique spaces for the public, namely the presidential saloon. It doesn’t belong to the theatre, though, but directly the Prague Castle Management. The National Theatre shows how successful the first part of the Golden Chapel reconstruction was. The Restoration works of the Golden Chapel of the historic building were finished this year in spring, when the golden crown atop of the roof returned. It was regilded with 24 title gold in total value if 2,7 millions czk.

Reconstruction works will have to continue, though. The next year in March the general repair continues with the facade. The last big repair took place 25 years ago, none the less the facade is quite damaged. Pieces fall off string courses and embossments, the repair works are very much needed. The reconstruction counts with budget of 170 million czk.


Christmas Tree in Prague Next week

The traditional Christmas tree on the Old Town Square is going to appear on Tuesday 25th November. The light bulbs are going to shine a four days later. The 22 metres tall pine tree will be from Krkonose. Of course, the tree accompanying the Christmas Markets in Prague wont be the only only tree in Prague, trees an markets are going to be at various places of Prague. The decorated trees with markets are going to be on Namesti Miru or Namesti Republiky, a Christmas tree will be at Kampa, Karlovo namesti and other parks.

The events connected to Christmas, like concerns or fairs traditionally cost hundreds of thousands of crowns. The most money are paid by Prague 1, which is going to invest more than one millions crowns. At least the Old Town Square will really feel the Christmas spirit. Last year, we had really shiny Christmas.


Sarkozy Softens the Critique of the Anti-rocket Shield

At first the french prčesident Nicolas Sdarkozy announced, Europe doesn’t really need the rocket system, a day late he smoothened his statement down. He said every country can decide for itself.

Sarkozy’s statements about the American defense system, which is now a topic the whole world has something to say accumulate. After he met with the Russian President Medvedev and said there is no rocket system necessary in Europe, he turned around.

On Saturday, Sarkozy in Washington during the G20 meeting said the agruments for building-up can have racional arguments behind. “We must go through new geo-political questions” Sarkozy said on Friday meeting with Rudssia. “Every country should decide for itself” he said on Friday.

But really, is it too much to question? When Russia wants to Build rocket launchers as an adequare answer, we probably should build it as fast as possible, before Russia finds real partners for its plans.

Right-wing extremist demonstration turned into carnage

Seven injured politicians, the same number of injured demonstrants from the lines of neo-nazis and right wing extremists, plus two police cars set into fire. That is the outcome of yesterday extremist rampage in Litvinov. One of the most hard battles of radicals with the police in the last years started as a licensed demonstration of right wing supporters against local Roma people. During a few hours it changed into rampage.

The crowd of right wingers and locals went to Roma ghetto at Janov. The first fights start in front of the neighbourhood, when the police blocked the road, separating the neo-nazi from Roma crowd. The first fights start. Police on horses rush into the extremists crowd. Stones, petards and smoke grenades fly in the air. Fights continue until the evening. At the end, somebody throws molotovs into parked police cars, setting them in fire.


Czech M.P. Against Sex With 14 Year Olds

“I can’t make it up with legally throw fourteen year old girls before various deviants” the father of four daughters Jiri Cunek stated. The chairman of Czechoslovak People’s Party and a senator has announced his intention not to support the new Criminal Code passed by the parliament because of the age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 14. Fourteen year olds would not only be responsible for their crimes, but could also be a sexual object for the adults.

Hi opinion is shared by a number of frontal sexologists, they say the physical readiness does not equal mental readiness. For example Petr Weiss knows from his many years of practice that the girls who have sexual intercourse at an early age are more likely to change partners when adult.

The new criminal code should be valid since 2010, so the relevant non-complicated novel of the law could be made easily next year.