Compact archive November 19, 2008

Pool: Klaus does harm to CR

STEM Agency made a research, finding out three quarters of interviewed think the Czech President shouldn’t present his personal opinions without respect to the official stance of the Czech Republic government. Moreover, one half or enquired said Klaus does harm by his opinions the international image of the Czech Republic.

The in formations of the very renown opinion research agency are not to be taken lightly. The Czech television broadcasted it during the main news in a reportage about the Lisbon treaty. As for the treaty- 42 percent people understands what is it, the rest doesn’t. 1/3 don’t care about it, 1/3 like it, ¼ don’t like it.

Whether is the Lisbon treaty in conformity with the Czech constitution is being examined by the Constitutional Court, it should decide probably on 25th November. The Greens, and KDU-CSL are strictly or, also the CSSD. Klaus is against.

Two kinds of sweet shops - cafés in Prague

On one hand, there are gastronomic jewels attracting to home-made sweets, decently dressed personnel and period music, on the other side there are chains of fast foods, offering coffee in paper cups with a plastic spoon. Two competitors, who fight against each other on the field of Prague gastronomy.

Meanwhile renowned premises return to the centre, betting on the shine of the First Republic, the large shopping malls are a often the host of new fast-food premises, this time not offering foods, but coffee. The Costa Coffee enters the Czech pool in January. They aim not only for shopping centres, but also for libraries and other public places.

The new chain Costa bets on their coffee mocha, made from seven kinds of slowly roasted beans. Starbucks are successfully running their first shop and planning to open a new one.

Right-wing extremist carnage in Litvinov has 12 accused already

Those twelve people, who were detained on Monday demonstration in Litvinov, will have to explain their violent behaviour aimed to Litvinov Gypsies. They are 19-31 year olds, come from various cities, and there is also one foreigner. Most of them attacked the police cordon. Another case is of one woman, who shouted racist slogans.

During the sharp fights of Monday were hurt 16 people in total. In ten cases, they were policemen, the rest are civilians. The most injured is one neo-nazi, whose explosive exploded in his hand, tearing of his fingers and burned also other parts of his body. He is at Vinohrady Hospital.

The small Litvinov ‘War’ brought a anew question: Why the locals massively supported the neo-nazis, in numerous cases helping them to escape the police, or even shouting anti-Roma slogans with them? From the big part it is Litvinov sold the residential area to reality companies, that moved problem renters there, form which there is many Roma people. The Rest of the Village complain about noise and mess.

Prague Houses by Incomers, Imported Architecture

The Czech Metropolis has become after 1989 a favorite destination of architects abroad.

1.Dancing House
Can’t stress enough how good Dancing House is. The masterpiece of Vlado Milunic and Frank Ghery is indeed a jewel, accompanying a line from 19th century. When build, people were shocked, as this could very well have been the first innovative building after years of communist grayness.

2.Golden Angel
Smichov was traditionally an industrial quarter typical with its black-scale facades. When the factories went to the other world, Andel became one of the most rush crossroads in Prague, with business and shopping centre by Jena Nouvel.

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Prague Quarter in Shanghai information

Shanghai, the biggest city in China in terms of population, produces lots of architects, who sometimes find work in Prague. When they return, they found out Prague architecture left a deep imprint on their artistic expression. The reflection of typical features of Prague, more or less distant, can be seen on the copy of Prague riverside. With a lime tree promenade included.

The buildings were constructed in free architectural variations, typical for Prague. The architect didn’t forget the details, like lamps of street lighting or mosaic paving. They didn’t even forgot Baroque statues, typical for Prague. Other significant part is Rudolph Inn Hotel, resembling Rudolfinum with its monumental stairways. There is also the Pod Kastanem Restaurant – a Czech pub with everything.