Compact archive November 21, 2008

The Legendary Prague sweet shop Mysak Reopened

Another legend of the First Republic gastronomy returns. The Mysak Gallery is a house of sweet delight with the air of times long gone, still very much in demand. After Erhartova cukrarna on Letna and Paukert delicatessen on Narodni trida it is another Café with sweets, served with style.

The original premise met its fate, when the building was in a very bad shape in 1990s it finally collapsed in 2006. At the place grown a modern building. How to re-make a First Republic sweetshop in a 21st century postmodern house? It took almost three years, but now the shop opens in a very exact copy of the historic space.

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Ed Rush & Optical Tonite in Prague

You don’t know what to do on today evening? Why not come to a world-class dnb party? Ed Rush & Optical met in 1998, when they had many experiences with the biggest names of the time. But by founding the Virus label they established a dictate, which lasts in many respects until today. Their album Wormhole and the Matrix Sleepwalk they set the world in fire, making themselves one of the most important persons of dnb. Every one of their singles was played over and over in clubs, the album The Creeps only underlined how good they are.

At the present time there is the kicking Pacman remix and we can look forward to a new album. Today in Prague we can hear them both, the last time this summer came only Ed Rush for the festival Summer of Love. Today, they come both to show the sound, which became the top one of many drum and bass fans.

Prostor Abaton, Na Kosince 8, Prague, 21th November 2008. Ed Rush & Optical in Prague


Russia offered USA Joint Shield – This may be Turning Point of Radar Negotiations

The Russian president Medvedev announced they put great hopes into the new American administrative. Moscow is ready to negotiate with the USA about the anti-rocket shield in the middle Europe. Medvedev said it in his Saturday speech. At the same time, he added Moscow is not going to attack as the first against the Czech and Poland radar bases, which is the first time Russian representative doesn’t spit out threats as he speaks.

The highest Russian representative also promised the USA a dialogue about creating the united programme of the anti-rocket defense, which could be backed by the Russian Radar placed in Azerbaidzhan.

That the bases in Poland and Czech Republic will be build once seems more distant every day. Even when the contracts were signed by the US and the CR in August, now it waits to be agreed on by European Parliament. The speeches against were made by not only by Berlusconi, but also the Czech left wing now gains power, plus there is strong lobby paid by Russia which made a lot of people disagree with the construction.


Jewels from age of st. Wenceslas at Prague Castle

The collection of 30 historic silver, golden and goldened jewels decorate, since yesterday the permanent exposition at the Prague Castle – the Story of Prague Castle, which shows the visitor the thousands of years of history of the most famous Prague sight.

The jewels originate from 9th and 10th century, so from the time, when the area of the Prague Castle started to be be developed into the king’s garrison. The pieces were found in the burial ground behind the Prague Castle Riding School and they are displayed for the first time.

Almost the whole burial ground was being examined by archaeologists between 1972-1987. The unique site offers, for the present, view on the Moravia Magna period of of culture of the Prague Castle inhabitants.

The value of findings from the castle cemetery is being estimated at tens of millions czk. The oldest graves are from the 9th century.


The Charles Bridge dispute goes to Court

Whether the Charles Bridge reconstruction goes well or not will soon be decided by the court. The Mott MacDonald company, which works at the reconstruction, feel the name of the company was harmed by the preservationist inspection of the Ministry of Culture, that came with information the reconstruction is sloppy.

The reconstruction was criticized at the beginning of November by the inspection. According to them the contemporary reconstruction has ‘significantly harmed the sight appearance’.

The Town council and the National Preservationist Office reject the critique, even when they accept there were mistakes made during the repair. Various groups met yesterday to go through the document, but the inspection, from which it started, didn’t show up.