Compact archive November 24, 2008

Stereo MCs concert in Prague

This year record ‘Double Bubble’ loyalty makes the ‘Stereo MCs sound, like the audience knows and loves it.

The Brixton group Stereo MCs comes back! Their another concert n our metropolis comes only a few months after they introduced their new record Double Bubble. The Stereo MCs, frequently labelled one of the most cultivated music groups of Britain, they were many time nominated for Brit Awards and Mercury Music Prize, sold millions of records and now they are back to prove they are still the same pioneers and party-makers like years ago.

After two years on tour, behind the turntables and in their Frontline Studio there is the Double Bubble, another record which is not possible to describe by the typical genre pigeon-hole. To refresh the Stereo MCs sound helped the 19yo producer Tic Toc, and their music sounds new again and it is clear, Stereo MCs don’t rest on their laurels. The first single Gringo can be heard in the air, and watched in TV with the virtual reality video.

Pre-sale Ticketpro 620 czk, at the spot 790.

The new and old songs by Stereo Mc wait for you in Roxy on Sunday 30th November 2008 in Prague club Roxy.


The Prague Christmas Tree chopped down, soon ready

The more than 30-metre pine tree was chopped down yesterday by the woodsmen in Northern Bohemia, in Krkonose mountains. The 90 years old spruce is going to decorate the Christmas Markets on the Old Town Square. The timber should be felled in the morning, however due to heavy snowing it needed to be done in the midday. Right now, the tree is going to Prague, by a very slow truck it should be there by Thursday midnight. It is going to be erected at 3 a.m.

The tree has 65 cm in diameter, and it is going to be ceremonially lighted up near the beginning of the advent, on 29th November around 6 p.m. The markets will begin, then, the Christmas markets start, offering the traditional fun like traditional toys, snacks, hot wine, but also concerts and christmas workshops for kids.

Spotakova Awarded 'Athlete of the Year' by IAAF

Barbara Spotakova had a season of dreams. In the incredible Olympic finals she gained gold by her last Javelin throw, than on the World Athletic Finals she made 72,28, so setting the new world record.

The record-breaking throw brought her another accreditation at the end of the season – by the Association of Athletics Federations she was awarded as the Athlete of the Year. She got the prestigious title together with the long race runner Tirunes Dibaba,who improved the present maximum on the 5-kilometre race by more than five seconds.

“It is absolutely amazing, I am very exited about it. I feel such an award is the greatest appreciation I ever gained. Basically, it is unbelievable.” Spotakova commented.


Burger King comes to the Czech Republic

The fast food chain opens their first Prague restaurant this week on Thursday, in the shopping centre Zlicin. “We have decided for Zlicin and not for the city centre, to show the customers we are here especially for the Czechs, not foreigners.” say the director of Burger King franchise of the CR.

There is space for other chains of fast food on the Czech market; “The demand exceeds offer on the market of this kind of food. There are people, who will always look for this kind of snack, and their numbers will be increasing with increasing purchasing power. The folks increasingly spend more time outside in any case” said analyst Mayer for Lidove Noviny.

The cornerstone of Burger King is the grilled hamburger Whooper. Its main distinct feature is its ‘smoky grilled taste’. The competition is not afraid of a new player – for example the speaker of Mac Donald Drahomíra Jiráková says that their restaurants are visited by 150t people a day.

Prague covered by snow this weekend

And here it is again, the nature didn’t waste time by waiting and started freezing us. Tonight, we can expect up to -15 °C. Such cold wasn’t here last year, now it seems we can prepare for a really tough winter. If you are a skier or a snowboarder, you can use those quite advantageous prices at Czech down runs and mountain hotels, if you are attracted by romantic Prague dressed in white, you are welcome as well.

Yesterday heavy snowing brought about four centimetres of snow, even in Prague. The temperatures were around -2 °C in the night and about zero during the day. It traditionally brought along high accident frequency, the road maintenance worked through the night so the roads would stay passable, still some drivers were out with summer tyres. As usual.