Compact archive November 25, 2008

Marketa Irglova Amazed Royal Abert Hall

The audience in London Royal Albert Hall thanked the Czech singer and pianist Marketa Irglova and Irish musician Glen Hansard by standing ovation. The tour of these two called The Swell Season.

The Audience appreciated the songs the duo sung together or with their group, some of the songs they sung with them.

The duo of musicians were in return amazed by Royal Albert Hall size; its capacity is 7000, and it was almost full. Irglova welcomed them by Czech “Ahoj” and than said “it is amazing to be here. When I came here first, I was in shock.”

Hansard fought his own battle as well – his family came there to see him: “That’s no fun to have the mother in the audience” he said, laughing.

The largest ovation came after the song “Falling Slowly” with which they won an Oscar.


Prague Museum of Post celebrate 90 years

The discreet house in neighbourhood of rush Revolucni street shelters one of the most interesting Prague museums, the museum of post.

The Museum originates ninety years ago, it was founded on the same day, when the first Czechoslovak postal stamp came out.

The anniversary is commemorated by today opened exhibition, which brings information from its history, but also many, never displayed, unique pieces from the museum depositary, like the stamp proposals, which weren’t realized.

The Museum has in their collection over a million of collectible pieces, not just stamps (some of them really expensive and unique ones) but also post carriages or post boxes.

The exhibition lasts until 1st February of 2009.

Czech Neo-Nazi group will be banned

Delnicka Strana (Workers party) known for their demonstrations for extreme aims is going to be banned. The government supported the opinion of Ivan Langer, appealing to the highest court for ban of the party. The party has called in another demonstration as a reaction, and again in Litvinov, where the extremists tried to get to Gypsy part of the village to make war.

Langer said: “Democracy must have strength to defend against political parties, which under disguise of free political competition break the law.” The Worker’s Party surfs on the wave of social displeasure, connected to the world financial crisis, and also on the hatred which the majority keeps against Roma people, (also Roma people against the majority!) and unwillingness of politicians to effectively solve the ‘Roma question’.

The Workers party effectively uses the low instincts, offering no solutions, but offering violence. “Such institution, like Delnicka Strana, is not, and will not, be tolerated in Czech Politics” Langer added. The question remains, whether banning the party will, or will not, bring more members into the same party under a different name.


Institutional Court: Vaclav Klaus vs EU – Lisbon Treaty

The Czech Constitutional Court is going to negotiate the Lisbon treaty, which is going to change the operation of the European Union. Depending on the standpoint of the court, the treaty will be dealt with by the Czech government lately.

When this year in March Vaclav Klaus hunt the votes among the Czech Parliament in order to became the president again, he promised a lot of things. I remember one – he promised the KDU-CSL, who in the end decided the vote, that he is not going to block the Lisbon treaty, if the government decides they are going to sign it.

Klaus was voted the president and yesterday he declared in Radio Cesko, he is going to hesitate with signing the treaty. That he is going to wait, whether Ireland, the only European country who denied it, is going to change their opinion.

The is other problem is, even when the Institutional Court is going to accredit it, Klaus doesn’t have any deadline for signing, so the treaty hated by him can lay in his drawer for infinity.


Gladiator Games – Best Freestyle Motocross Show in Prague

The world best gladiator freestylers on motocross bikes show! The new age gladiators, competing for the respect of the audience arrived. Prague O2 Arena is going to change into the ancient Colosseum, we will become citizens of Rome and the men the new age gladiators in danger of life.

The great Freestyle Motocross Gladiator Games, the show full of great and often incredible jumps on bikes returns to Prague. The Freestylers are more than anything else magicians, who make you breath-taken. And what’s more – at the end, you, audience, decide, who is going to be the king of the arena. The performance is traditionally the adrenalin fun.

The first show starts on Saturday in 14:00, the second in 19:30, the prices of tickets vary from 190 – 950, they are possible to buy at all Sazka data terminal – i.e. at gas stations. Gladiator Games – 29th November 2008 in O2 Arena, Prague.