Compact archive November 27, 2008

The best dumplings in Prague

The competition of the best yeast dumpling in the Czech Republic is a favorite and medially attractive event, where front chefs, gourmets and people from public life evaluate quality, taste, conduct and overall impression of this traditional Czech food.

The most delicious yeast dumpling in Prague are made in the hotel Intercontinental. What is interesting – they are not made by the chef, but by one of his apprentices. Karel Schwarzenberg under whose patronage the competition takes place commented there were only two samples of the total 20, which could have been called dumplings, and one of them was the winner.

Also, beside the dumplings competition, there was a competition of the best ‘svickova’, the traditional Czech sauce made from cream with vegetable. The winner was Hotel Monty in Marianske Lazne.


Czech Senate Approving the Radar Treaty

The Radar treaty passed through the parliament, and now it also has to get through the senate, to be approved. The Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg start the meeting by saying: “We have to decide, which message we are going to send to Obama’s America.” when he asked he senators to support the programme.

The senate has to decide, whether they approve, first time since 1989, residence of foreign soldiers on the Czech territory – the radar in Brdy would be operated by Americans.

The Prime minister Topolanek emphasized the base is not aimed against Russia, which protests against it aloud. But he also objected to Russian activities aimed to cancel the plan realization. “For me it is unacceptable to be the Prime Minister who is going to obediently bow and open doors to Russian neo-imperialism. “ by which recalling the 20-years stay of Soviet army at Czech ground.

It depends on, which signal are we going to send to Obama’s USA, Schwarzenberg continued in the theme which Topolanek started. He continued, we are going to show, if we are allies, or whether we need some more time to think.


Christmas in Prague – Selected Events

This year of 2008 brings traditional festivities, which you can enjoy while at Prague Old Town Square.

29th November – 10:00 – The international festival of advent music
18:00-18:15 – Lighting up the Christmas tree

5th December – 13:00 – 16:30 – Prague Advent Choral Meeting.
17:00 – 19:00 – St. Nicholas (Mikulas) show

9th December – Czech Christmas with Baby Jesus (Jezisek) the box for child letters to him is going to installed.

24th December – 21:00 – 22:00 – Czech Christmas Mass

31st December – 15:00 – 18:00 – Baby New Years Eve
18:30 – 00:05 New Years Eve celebration

1st January 2009 – 14:00 – 15:00 – Arias from Czech Operas carried out by the chorale and soloists or the National Theatre and the State opera

If you head to Prague, this little list should give the opportunity to get in some Christmas atmosphere. The best thing is those events are entry-free .


Prague Christmas Markets 08'

During this weekend, the markets begin. According to the organizers, the quality should be higher than all the years before, when the every year annual event occupies the centre. At Saturday, the vending and entertainment centres on the Old Town and Wenceslas Square open. This time, the Christmas markets will are going to be dominated by red colour, by which the roofs of kiosks.

Ceremonial lighting of the tree is going to open the centre of the metropolis to advent time festivities. The tree brought from Janske Lazne is going to be in white and gold color, light animation of 70 thousand LED diodes is going to represent snowing.

On the Old Town Square is going to open about hundred selling places. The kiosks are going to be placed in two directions, at the Old Town Square, the entrances will be ‘protected’ by two light angels. The Saturday evening is going to be a very visited event – the organizers say that there is usually as much people as during the New Year’s Eve.

Vinyl Magician Wax Tailor in Prague

An idea for the evening tonight? What about Wax Tailor and energetical Watcha Clan, whose today concert takes place within another party Euroconnections. The visitors can look forward to an evening full of contrasts – Wax Tailor professes moody trip hop, meanwhile the electronic nomads Watcha Clan satisfy fans of frenetic rhythms, which won’t let anyone calm. Both projects, which introduce themselves in Palace Acropolis, are connected by love to music, which get inspiration from many sources and celebrates cultural colourless and freedom.

A little of lazy hip-hop beats, a little of trip-hop melancholy and also some informal jazz style; those are ingredients, from which the French Dj Wax Tailor cooks his music mix. His main music instrument is sampler. Palac Akropolis, Prague 3, Kubelikova 27, admission: 340 czk.