Compact archive November 28, 2008

The Royal Route in Prague renowned

Narrow streets in the Old Town are crowded. The pavements are narrow, parked cars and streets take too much of the space, which was originally, hundreds of years ago, designed for pedestrians only. The great crowds of tourists, who go to see the Royal Route, plus number of natives have to squeeze their way through everyday – that should change. The Town Hall of Prague 1 is going to make some changes, starting the Vienna-styling of streets and pavements; the streets are going to be lifted to the level of pavements.

The other visible street change will be the street surface. They are going to be re-paved, the pavements will get new mosaic paving. The current single-shift streets stay on their place, but the speed is going to be more reduced.

The whole area should be came more accessible to pedestrians, which is the main reason for the adjustments. There should be less car traffic and more aesthetics. There will be more front gardens. One square form old times returns, pushing one parking lot away; it makes place for two trees, benches and a drinking fountain.


Klaus indicated departure from the ODS

The president Vaclav Klaus have indicated he may be leave the ODS, which he founded. At the same time, he expressed he would support a new party, which would be right-wing, and euroskeptical (like himself). A month before the ODS congress, which should decide the new direction of the party which suffered crushing loss in regional elections, Klaus said “I am still in ODS for a few days, but we will see”.

Klaus is a critique of the ODS leader Topolanek, and a supporter of Pavel Bem, who is going to fight Topolanek for the post of the party leader.

According to LN, the new right-wing and euro-skeptical party called Libertas could participate in the European parliament elections. The party would closely cooperate with the Libertas motion, founded by the Irish antagonist of the Lisbon treaty, Declan Ganley. Klaus would undoubtedly supported that party.

Prague Airport – Tourists welcomed there by the city placard

Those, who arrive to the Airport in Prague after December 08, are going to get welcomed by large scale placards, depicting things like the Charles Bridge, the Railway Bridge at Vyton, one of the Apostles from the Astronomical Clock, or the sculpture Ctirad a Sarka from Prague Vysehrad. The City Hall has selected winners of the graphical designs, that are going to make propagation of the metropolis.

The winning artist was Peetr Salek, who introduces Prague in its variety, showing the old and modern architecture of Prague, also in-tune with the moder architecture of the Airport. The presentation should show Prague as a friendly, modern metropolis, which keeps the cultural heritage and provides quality services for its visitors.

Only during the first half-year, about six millions passengers passed through the airport, and they should see some presentation of the city they just arrived to. Such practice is common all around the world.


Czech Senate passed the Radar treaty

The senators of the ODS, KDU-CSL and the Club of opened Democracy have preferred the arguments of the government before the votes of the citizens and said ‘ok’ to the radar base in Brdy. The Upper chamber of the parliament have 81 seats; 29 social democrats and 3 communists were against, the rest were for.

The proposals of CSSD to postpone the decision for a year were not answered, mostly because it was clear they would postpone it long enough to get to the government and cancel it together with the communists in the end.

Mirek Topolanek gave the lead of yesterday debates by saying it is absolutely unacceptable to bow before the Russian neo-imperialism, only to get short goodwill of Moscow. Now, the parliament needs to discuss it once again, and if it will be signed by the president, it is good to go.

Klaus said, he is going to sign it, so we may see the structure built after all.


Academism and kitsch combined = Prague exhibition

There is an interesting exhibition you can visit in City Gallery Prague, which is situated in the 4th floor of the main building of the Prague Municipal Library, Marianske Square nr. 1, not far from the Old town Square.

The exhibition is called Bytosti odnikud, in English Beings from nowhere, with a subtitle Metamorphoses of Academic Principles in paintings of the first half of the twentieth century. The title of the exhibition quite appropriately says what it is about. It presents works which were made with aims to present human body, somehow following academic principles of its depictions, set centuries ago. Although those principles were seriously “overcomed“ by avant-garde movements in late 19th and first half of 20th century, there obviously still were authors, who followed old academic principles of realistic depiction of human body, and especially popular depictions of female naked body.

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