Compact archive December 1, 2008

Klaus vs Lisbon

The Czech Constitutional Court has just decided that the Treaty of Lisbon does not collide with the Czech constitution. That means it can be ratified either by parliament, or by referendum. The latter option is not very likely at this moment, since all the major political actors, except the Communists, are in favour of the parliamentary way.

The court was asked by some ODS senators to examine the Treaty of Lisbon. The senators expressed their doubts about some of the treaty´s features, yet some of them are simply known to be anti- EU. Some suspect the senators of merely delaying the process of ratification. Unlike the government, they are more bound to the president than a wish for efficient cooperation with the EU member states. President Klaus seems increasingly unhappy with Czech EU membership and has recently called himself a dissident in the Union. It seems a bit awkward to call yourself a dissident while being a president of a republic, unrestricted in any way and with daily possibility to fill the media with your comments.

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AC/DC and Black Ice head to Prague

The Legends of Australian hard-rock worked on their new album for two years. It can be heard and felt; fifteen great songs from the workshop of Young brothers form the longest record in the history of AC/DC. And also one of the best, as renowned magazines acknowledges – the Rolling Stone speaks about it in superlatives only.

The name of the 15th studio album is a link on Young Brothers childhood in Scotland, when they often heard “beware of the black snow” from the radio. The image of black snow now perfectly fits in the image of tough boys from AC/DC, who do not take prisoners as they play.

The singer Brian Johnson and the guitarist Angus Young staid faithful to their faithful color, in clothing as well. 17th March 2009 their black snow is going to fall on Prague O2 Arena.


Topolanek – Bem 7:0 in the half-time

The ODS votes the new chairman this weekend. And the current one is of another two steps closer to be re-elected again, meanwhile his rival, Pavel Bem, seems to be more far than ever. A week before the Sunday election, which will decide the new leader of ODS, Topolanek was supported by ODS in Vysocina, South Moravia and Liberec region. Topolanek is, right now, the leader who is probably going to stay with the ODS until next elections.

Mirek Topolanek now reflects the heavy critique of Bem and his big ally Vaclav Klaus. Those two blame him for the loss in regional elections and support of Lisbon treaty. Klaus even threatens to leave the ODS, which he founded. The ODS went to the worst crisis since 1997. STEM agency made a research, finding out the biggest problem was the too-much-right-of-a-programme, arrogance and failure to keep promises.


Christmas Markets in Prague Initiated

The evening at the Old Town Square belonged to the eve before advent Sunday.

The Christmas tree was lighted up shortly before 6 p.m. on the Old Town Square by Pavel Bem and children. Than, he wished calm festivities to the folks. “I wish the tree would light up a piece of hope in the hearts of those, who are dependant upon help of the others and can’t be with their near and dear.” Bem said.

The Christmas tree, this year name of the tree is ‘Krystof’, lightened up with seventy thousands of diodes. This year Christmas markets are going to last for 34 days, ends on 1st January.

Thousands of people came to the square, to see the light show, which they awarded by applause. The traditional specialities, sold in the kiosks with red roofs were welcomed – hot mead and wine especially.

The Old Town Square offers 100 vending places, opened from 9 to 19 hours, on weekends until 20. The stances with refreshments are opened until midnight.

The most significant celebrations are expected to be on the new year’s eve.


Dali-Lama lecture in Prague Congress Centre

The lecture theme was simply ‘understatement: the way to happiness’. His Holiness the Dalai Lama lectured for Czechs in the Prague Congress Centre. “Our state of mind is necessary for reaching a happy life.” He told the audience. The Dali Lama arrived to Prague on invitation of the ex-president Vaclav Havel and the Nadace Forum 2000 foundation.

The Dalai Lama, first name Tandzin Gjamccho, is considered to be the spiritual leader of Tibetans. Chinese Government, which occupies Tibet sine 1959, considers him the symbol of obsolete theocratic system. In 1989 gained the Nobel prize of peace.

After the lecture he meet the prime minister Mirek Topolanek. Topolanek has been supporting Tibetan autonomy even when he wasn’t a prime minister, so they understand well. The other politician the Dalai Lama knows well is Martin Bursik, with whom and The Tibet Friends Group he met afterwards. The evening was, of course, criticized by China representatives. The Dalai Lama stays until Thursday.