Compact archive December 2, 2008

Vaclav Klaus on the edge of popularity

The Verdict of the Czech Constitutional Court concerning the Lisbon treaty – it is not against the Czech constitution. The highly Euro-skeptic Klaus suffered a loss, and not a light one – all the 15 judges decided against Klaus and for European Union reformation. The judges have agreed that times change and notions with their explanations change as well. They put the Czech Republic into the context of the international politics development, they point out changes in words like sovereignty, they remind that it is not possible not to take notes of changes.

Lisbon treaty is good to go from the Czech Constitutional Court – now it goes to the parliament and to the senate. It won’t be easy, though, because Vaclav Klaus is going to fight, as he doesn’t want to live through another loss; he lost many times already last three months. Just to recall some: he became president only because back-stage machinations, the Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek openly argues with him, the government shows they have different opinion in key points, like Russia and Kosovo. Klaus steadily gets to the political isolation.

Tree of Peace planted at Vysehrad

To recall the need of peace in the world – that is the aim of the lime tree, which was planted at Vysehrad yesterday. It also should symbolise nature protection on the whole planet. The lime tree planted today is the descendant of the memorable Semtinska lipa lime tree, from which seed was taken and nurtured into a tree settling. The event was truly multicultural, multi-religious.

The initiator of the event is the Peace ambassador, his holiness svami Mahesvarananda, a spiritual teacher and a humanitarian worker. Through the International World Peace Council of Mahatma Gandhi and Sri Swami Madhavananda organizes peace conferences with themes like help to kids stricken by war, global climate changes, religion and peace in the world etc. This year, the last peace conference took place in Wellington. Together with the visit of the Dali Lama, this is another event with high representative of world peace motions in Prague this week .

How to repair Charles Bridge

The dispute among two conservationist units in Prague continue. Up to now, it seems like the biggest problem of the Charles Bridge reconstruction is missing documents. “To work up the construction-historical research is the basic presumption of a quality sight repair.” said Lenka Svobodova, the representative of The Inspection of the Ministry of Culture, the main criticizing institution.

For instance – the stone railing doesn’t have the necessary documentation, which was supposed to be tip-top before the works started. The Inspection finds the railing to be harmed, however it is hardly visible by an eye. Another opinion has the Old Prague Club – according to them the problem is on the side of the Capital itself, because the Charles Bridge should have a specialized group of experts who would take care of it permanently.

The Mott MacDonald company, which works at the reconstruction, feel the name of the company was harmed by the preservationist inspection, who let it all to the media, even when half of their points are highly discussable.


Christmas beers start to be sold in Prague

The number of beer exhibitions grow usually before Christmas in all the breweries, the tooth of people for something unusual, which they cannot have for the rest of the year, grows as well. The taste for experimenting with something unique, which you can’t have during the year, grows. Those look for the Christmas beers.

Where to they have them? You have to go to some small breweries, which you must look up, however, just a small illustration – at Strahov they brew 20° dark special, in the brewery U Bulovky they distribute two half-dark 17° beers with soft flavour of Christmas spices and herbs, i.e. cinnamon. The Beer house U Bansethu in Nusle brews 15° dark honey beer. The real classic among Prague Christmas beers is the already traditional vanilla beer, served with a sweet vanilla baby roll.

If you don’t know where to go, you can go Pivovarsky klub in Karlin, where they have a lot of Christmas special beers from other local breweries, from Broumov, from Rakovnik… a lot of choices.


Dali lama visited Czech parliament in Prague

“I believe in the power of truth and justice. China politics of hard line relies on the power of weapons, but the truth… is stronger.” The 73 yo man in red robes said in the packed hall of the Czech parliament yesterday.

The Dali Lama attracts attention of Czechs. His lecture two days ago was absolutely packed, and the possibility to hear him in the parliament yesterday didn’t miss also actors and representatives of various non-government organizations, many of those wearing symbols of Tibet.

The Dali Lama visited the Czech Republic on the behalf of the “Friends of Tibet” group, whose typical members are Martin Bursik and Katerina Jacques, who stated “Citizens of the Czech Republic greatly respect you and sympathize with you”.

The Dali Lama spoke about freedom and spiritual development, as is typical, entertained the people present with funny stories, but also surprised with the opinion, Russia should became a member of NATO, and the central of NATO could than be in Moscow, instead of Brussels.

Representative Radim Chytka from the ODS promised Dali Lama they are going to use the Czech EU chairmanship for expressing support to the Tibet. The Dali Lama continued, that the small countries sometimes have more sense for human rights than the bigger ones.