Compact archive December 3, 2008

Prague Taxi Problem being solved

“He must be a mafioso, just like a taxi driver from Prague” whispers a grandma to her grandson’s ear about the driver, who just drove her home. The appalling legend of Prague taxi drivers have got to the pop-culture consciousness – the grandma whispers it in Gilmore Girls. What is the most incredible is that the whole city of Prague with its million citizens is not able to deal with about 60 taxi bandits, meanwhile the rest 4 000 taxi drivers don’t cause troubles.

Cabdrivers from the company Euro Taxi are infamous. The City Hall writes on their web pages that problems with them have even the guests of Hotel Hilton. There have been laws against them for a few years now, but they are still around. Like on the Old Town Square, where should be only the drivers of AAA Radio Taxi, yet Euro Taxi appears now and then. When they see the police, they start the engine and go away.

The city has given them fines worth 100 millions czk, took their licenses, and the result? The drivers do not pay the fines, and drive on without the licence happily. But there is a change in the air – there is a new boss at the Prague Police, who doesn’t hesitate with solutions. Last weekend, when a driver from Euro Taxi did not obey and stood at the place at the Old Town Square, the police took him into custody and confiscated his car. Hopefully this is going to go on.


Grand Restaurant 2009 prize - Best Czech Restaurants

The winner of the prestigious handbook of the best restaurants in the Czech Republic became the Radisson SAS hotel in Prague. The favorite restaurant with intimate atmosphere and favorite Sunday jazz brunches gained many appraisals already

In the popularity ladder, Alcron have got ahead of Allegro in Four Seasons, the restaurant which is the owner of the only Michelin star in the Czech Republic. Even when Alcron belongs in long-term among the top ten.

Top 10 of Prague Restaurants according to Pavel Mauer

alcron food 1.Radisson SAS hotel, Alcron Prague 1
2.La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoisie, Prague 1
3.Obecni Dum, Francouzska restaurace, Prague 1
4.Rialto Ristorante, Brno
5.V Zatisi, Prague 1
6.Bellevue, Prague 1
7.Radisson SAS hotel, La Rotonde, Prague 1
8.Le Terroir, Prague 1
9.U Kastelana, Bno
10.Four Seasons hotel, Allegro Prague 1

Food and Drinks at Prague Arport discounts the price

The Ruzyne airport start to, thanks to new owners, lose he stamp of an overcharged terminal, where people pay for food and drinks more than in the Four Seasons Hotel. Luckily it is the majority of shops, which belong to an Italian company, the rest stay at those terrible priced levels, meaning one pays many times more than in the city.

The Airest company, which is one of the Italian Save group discounted the prices most of the assortment, some over one third. Not everything was made cheaper; spirits at some premises are even more expensive.

How does it look like in Practice? For example the EU Café, the leading shop of Ruzyne expensiveness, was selling ¼l of water 115 czk. Now, at the same place the ½l bottle is for 80. Beer is also cheaper, if you take a look around, you can find 1/3 for 60 czk.

With Italian Airest also come change for the shops itself. They are going to look much like the shops, restaurants or cafés of the company in Italy or Austria.


Diamond jewels exhibited in Prague

Diamonds worth six millions euro, which means about 150 millions czk, are now exhibited in Siroka Street in Prague 1. In the newly opened showroom, the Czech company Diamonds International Corporation exhibits the world strongest currency. Visitors interested can have a look at the diamonds themselves, but also jewels made from them.

The cherry on the cake of the exhibition is the ring with yellow citrus three-carat brilliant, and six pink brilliants with total weight of 2 carats. Its price is about 7,2 millions czk. The biggest exhibited piece is the diamond of 11,83 karate, which price reaches almost 35 million czk.

All the diamonds are possible to see for free, the entrance is opened until 8th December. Siroka ulice in Prague.


Train Traffic improvements in Prague

The biggest railway building of Prague, respectively of the Czech Republic, in the last hundred years, which cost 9,3 billions czk, is finally functional. The new system of connection, tunnels, scaffold bridges, tracks, all those connecting the most important Prague railway stations and accelerate train traffic in the capital. Daily, it will be able to transport thousands of travellers.

The project called “Nove spojeni” (new connections) is finally complete. Traffic among the stations Praha Hlavni Nadrazi and Masarykovo Nadrazi on one side, and Hlavni nadrazi and Liben, Vysocany and Holesovice on the other. The other development of suburban train traffic is going to follow.

The Main Train Station in Prague can also celebrate – it was yesterday, when the first two phases of the reconstruction officially ended. The first four platforms have been renowned as well as the underpasses, escalators and handicapped lifts were build.