Compact archive December 4, 2008

Prague? A Sexy City!

prague club roxy, photo from technocz Susan Breslow Sardone,’s Guide to Honeymoons, has blogged about National Geographic Traveler’s list of “World’s Sexiest Cities,” asking readers to share their opinions. The result? Prague scored quite high. Why would it be so?

Today, Prague is a major destination for expats or would-be expats in search of the Europe that exists only as an idea in literature and pop culture. Prague attracts eloping couples and honeymooners with its multitude of romantic hotel hideaways. Individuals seeking serious nightlife can enter dark and intimate jazz rooms or party with a club scene that never sleeps. Many youthful backpackers experience their first real sense of independence in Prague, while established individuals savor Prague through its food, art, and shops.

Prague’s mystery, beauty, character, and history make it a must-see city. However, because Prague serves as the permanent or temporary home of sophisticated music lovers, spies, romantics, and the inspired, Prague’s inhabitants – real, imaginary, or historical – are what create its aura of sex appeal.

The fact is, we who live in Prague sometimes like this, so the article doesn’t lie. Read it in full here


Important Chapter of Czech Design exhibition

The exhibition which opened in Prague holds one’s interest not only by high quality of presented design, but also by its originality made by nature connection of folk traditions with the most progressive art motions. The Artel group was founded by the coming generation of Prague artists in 1908 as a “general goods store” but the idea from the beginning was new conception of decorative arts.

The point Artel group has is to create quality art-craft, which would improve general taste, it is about connecting decorative arts with usefulness of everyday objects, about the unified lifestyle, something we call design today. The members designed toys, souvenirs, jewels, ceramics, glass, textile motives and also furniture sometimes.

One of the inspiration sources of the exhibited objects is the folk art, which can be seen for example in the devil-shaped wooden box, the other would be secession and cubism. Art for Everyday – exhibition in the Museum of Decorative arts in Prague until March 2009.


Hepatitis A retreats from Prague, people are still afraid

The number of cases diseased with Hepatitis A decrease, the danger of infection in the mind of Prague citizens doesn’t grow smaller, though. That results from the study of company GfK Praha, stating that 54% citizens are afraid they still can get infected. The real cases of infection are not so often anymore. During the last month, there was about 265 cases in the white republic. Compared to 562 in October and 346 in September the rapid decrease is visible.

Meanwhile in the last yet, Hepatitis attacked about 128 citizens, this year it has been 1383 so far. The most sick are in the age group of 25-34 and not among kinds, which is unusual. In context of high occurrence of hepatitis, every fifth person let him and his kids to be vaccinated. According to hygienists, this year epidemic started to spread from the homeless and socially weak people.

NATO stood behind the Czech Radar

The North Atlantic alliance have firmly stood behind the American Anti-rocket Umbrella in Europe. Ministers of 26 member countries of NATO in together final declaration stated, the defensive system in Poland and Czech Republic is going to be an essential benefit for the member countries security. At the same time, they appealed to Russia for more reserved attitude.

“We regard it to be a positive contribution for the future safetiness of our allies” is states the written declaration of the meeting. This is, among others, a clear proof, that those who see the Radar Base as a solely American action are wrong. The ministers have also appealed to Russia to step aside from “confrontation declarations” which could harm the collective relations. The alliance doesn’t like Russian declarations about spheres of influence and threats of rocket disposition in the area around Kaliningrad.


The First SUV by Skoda soon go to production

Skoda Auto fabric for Yeti cars will finally be opened in Kvasinky in 2009. The first Czech SUV car should be possible to buy in the last week in May. The speaker of Skoda Jaroslav Cerny comments the present financial crisis on the market doesn’t change plans for introducing new products. Skoda enters the market with SUV, even when the world-wide sales of this cars drop due to high oil consumption, however it is not a SUV of the American fashion – Yeti is a moderate sized, light car.

The Skoda Auto company announced to their distributors that they can count with production of 55 thousands cars a year. The other long expected news prepared for the Frankfurt display is the prolonged version of Superb in combi design. The new Superb Skoda started to sell this year in the half of the year and it was a successful model so far – during the crisis it is the model with the least dead plates. Bothe there two are going to be constructed in Czech town Kvasinky, where Skoda Cars invested millions.