Compact archive December 8, 2008

Prague weather during Christmas

Snow – during Christmas it is going to be only at mountains, the lowlands will be too hot.
8th – 14th December – cold North-West flowing with cold mornings, following cold days.
15th – 21st December – inverted cloudiness with daily temperatures about 0°C
22nd – 28th December – traditional warming

This week is going to be somewhat cloudy with sporadic rainfalls, which can be snowy at the mountains. During the week, freezing fog can appear. Daily temperatures are going to be between 0° and 4°C.

According to the experience, the traditional weather during Christmas is about 0°, so usually only wet mud and no snow, but that applies to Prague. Above 650 m could be snow this year. For actual Prague weather continue here


Monkey Business and Glenn Hughes in Prague Lucerna

Glenn Hughes The singer of Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes, is going to be hosted by the Monkey Business, together they are going to perform live in Prague Lucerna. “We are going to play his songs as well, like the one called F.U.N.K., for which he was nominated for Grammy.” says the front man of Monkey Business. And adds – “Hughes is one of the best singers. My first vinyl was one by Deep Purple” BTW, Hughes hosts at the album of Monkey business from 2005, called Kiss Me On My Ego.

The group plays in Lucerna on Wednesday, introducing some of the new songs which are going to appear on the new album Twilight Of Jesters. The group is going to be enforced not only by Glenn Hughes, but also by their original songstress Tonya Graves, who returned from maternity leave. The Concert you shouldn’t miss on Wednesday – Monkey Business and Glenn Hughes in Prague Lucerna, December 10, 2008. Start: 20:00


Czech state hardens attitude to prostitution

The state wants to protect the “children moral development” by banning prostitution around schools or children playgrounds. The business is quite extensive here, as the statistics talk about 25t working in the oldest profession. Meanwhile, the today legislation doesn’t make troubles, there should be some regulations ahead. The houses, where girls can make their business are called by other names – like Pension, Night club, Cabaret, Red light whatever. But all know what is going on there.

So the Night Clubs with girls which are around schools can get closed according to the new law. It became much harder for them to prostitute in the streets, however when they do it in addition around schools, they can get a fine, even end up in a prison. But in comparison with other states of the EU, there is still minimal regulation and low price, which makes those 10 billions spend customers on prostitutes a year.

Klaus at Birth of a New Party

It is official – After Klaus lost at the ODS congress with his ideas about Lisbon treaty, the trend of moving more power from the hands of the president to the hands of the prime minister. Klaus loses his credibility by rocket speed, and he wants his influence back. So it is official: Klaus is going to be a godfather of a new political party.

Petr Mach is one of those who works on the ideas of the party right now. “Now it is clear, there will be a new party” says the 33 yo economist. Klaus’s co-workers have already addressed a few possible cooperators or potential members.

Clearly, some of the parliamentarians from the ODS who are dissatisfied with the pro-Europe direction of the ODS are going to join with the newly created subject. Mach has already indicated, by which the party should differentiate from the civic democrats – it shouldn’t be liable to environmentalist trends and it should speak against Lisbon Treaty and federalist activities in the EU.

ODS Congress – Go on Without Klaus, Bem

The results put simply: The angry president and founding father of the ODS left the party, the critique of the present lead and the ally of Klaus Pavel Bem lost as well, Mirek Topolanek was re-elected the ODS leader, and promised he is going to redeem himself.

The most visible change is the new vice-leader of the party, until now unknown 37-yo David Vodrážka, the Mayor of Prague 13. The Congress continued from Friday to Sunday, with the founder Klaus they grew apart definitely after 10 pm of the last day, when the party decided to support the Lisbon Treaty. That moves some state responsibilities to Brussels, which is something Klaus can’t come to terms with.

If we look at it closely, that wasn’t a battle of ideas, more like victory of reason. Even, when a part of the ODS don’t want Topolanek in the lead, they very well realize to change the leader, which is a prime minister at the same time, and to risk government fall in the moment the CR is going to Organize chairmanship of the EU. Topolanek won with 285/500 votes.