Compact archive December 9, 2008

Czech TV Digitizing

On 6th October, the Czech TV networks took further steps towards digitization of the television signal. The antenna on the Zizkov tower had to be replaced by a more up-to–date model. The new antenna weighs about nine tons, so in order to move it safely, it had to be separated into two parts and a special helicopter had was used. The Russian Kamov Ka-32 is a double-motor, heavyweight machine, able to maintain a position in the air and to carry as much as five tons of weight at once. This power gave it its „flying crane“ call sign.

The digitalising of Czech TV networks is a long- running process. It was halted once, as some commercial subjects, mainly TV Nova, objected to the way licenses were given to contenders. A license- related dispute is somewhat piquant in relation to this particular TV station, the most popular one in the republic. When Nova acquired its license in 1993 it did so under conditions it didn’t really follow: promising a program concerned with education and feature films, including the European ones, it quickly moved to endless American series and soaps, which were later replaced by the very fruitful South American soap production. Anyway that doesn’t mean they couldn’t have been right in this case.

Now it goes on quite slowly, as people need to get accustomed to the changes and, mainly, to be thoroughly informed.

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Tying Czech Football Hooligans

Finally, the new criminal code dealing with football hooligans can be passed. It means, Czech football could be more safe, as the well known brawlers won’t be allowed to the stadiums for the time of up to 10 years. Instead of ripping of benches, they would sit at a police station, waiting for the match to end. As the football violence display becomes much harder, the football clubs and police didn’t have any means to fight this phenomena effectively.

The Interior ministry activities aren’t limited just against football hooligans. The fans, who take care about rooting and choreography, so called ultras, should beware using pyrotechnics, especially gas candles. The penalties can apply to them for their fires as well.

Imagine the possible script: A football match Sparta Prague vs with Banik Ostrava, the most risky one. 25 thousand people in the arena. And no violence, because the hardest fighters are not present. A wish? Maybe soon the reality.


Classical lightbulbs starting to disappear in September

The European Union have agreed on the gradual ban of selling classical lightbulbs. The alternative, which is was put through are the economic fluorescent tubes, which are able to shine at the same intensity using less energy. On agreeing of the appropriate regulation, experts from member countries associated with in the workgroup for ecological design. The regulation needs to be formally certified by European Parliament and Commission, but no delays are expected there.

In 2010, salesman should stop selling the 100W and stronger lightbulbs. In 2012, the regulation should affect all the ones, which are stronger 25W. In 2016, the final part bans halogen lightbulbs from the shops as well. Economic light bulbs have the same luminous flux like classic lightbubs, but lower energy consumption. Classic 100W lightbulb corresponds to 20W economic fluorescent tub. The energy consumption is so five times lower.


The new Czech party already attracts rebels from ODS

And here it is. The Czech political scene is going to have a brand new, right-wing political party. “It is a question of days” says the close fellow-worker of Vaclav Klaus, Petr Mach. He has the ambition to be came the new party head. And, after the ODS congress ended, it seems that the foundation-stones are going to be mainly the dissatisfied ex-members of the ODS. Partly because of the president, who parted from the ODS, leaving many of his followers there, and openly stating support of the new subject. The new subject seems to have a lot of potential members – Mach says they are overwhelmed with mail of former and present members of the ODS, but also from other political parties and businessmen.

I just have to add – is the party gong to have enough voters, when half of the nation is dissatisfied with the right-win politics?

Public Transport in Prague changes: more of everything

New lines, new trains, new controllers. The Rapid company, which, together with the Prague Transport Company takes care of the traffic in Prague and the middle Bohemia region have announced more trains in the Prague integrated traffic, redirecting of the suburban traffic to metro station Haje.

Especially the suburban train traffic is going to gain 33% more connections, and most of the places where the track was modernized, like the track from Strancice to Radotin. During the rush hours it goes every 15 minutes.

New is the bus passage line S29, which connects Prague Vysocany, Hlavni Nadrazi a Strancice. Similar passage lines should became more common in the coming years. The complete news are private ticket controllers, who should help the traditional ones from the Prague Public Transport company.