Compact archive December 11, 2008

Unique Bohemian Train for the Rich

The New project of Czech Railways (CD) is called Bohemian Train. The unique train is formed by waggons of EuroCity and EuroNight trains, included are two restaurant and one sleeper waggon, one second and two first class cars.

On Friday morning, the first luxurious train of this kind left Prague Hlavni Nadrazi on its way to Berlin concert of Elton John. For the exclusive service and comfort including tickets to the British singer concert, a few tens of people paid 20 000 czk.

The offer of luxurious train travelling is intended for high clients. Czech Railways have confirmed the first ride of the train was used mainly by businessmen. For the price of 20t czk they can choose various delicacies from the menu card, use their bed in the sleeping-car, and have their private shower.


The Czech New Year's Eve could be on ice

Recent Weather forecast revealed how it is going to be in the close future, regarding weather – This Christmas are probably going to be muddy, as the temperatures will be below zero only at mountains. But – on 26th December snow can appear even in the lowlands. At least Czech Hydrometeorological Institute states so on their web.

Daily temperatures at the time before the New Years’ Eve in The Czech Republic should vary between -3 and 1° C, according to calculation of numerical models snow should appear also in lowlands on 1st January.

The first week of the new year the meteorologists forecast cloudy and overcast, sporadic snowfalls, snowing at mountains. Night temperatures minus two to minus seven ° C, daily minus four to zero. Temperatures and precipitations should be average.

SMS Tickets: Special Service, or hazard?

SMS tickets celebrate success. Daily, about twenty thousands passengers buy their tickets for metro or tram in Prague by their cell phone. It took some time before people got used to it, but the system finds more users every day. Anyway, there appeared some problems lately. Firstly, the sms should come immediately after one sends the request, but there were recently cases of the ticket coming as late as half an hour. The Prague Public Transport company object similar complaints are not very often.

The other dispute is not a new one – The Office for Protection of Personal data claims the service breaks the law, as it is ajar to the Law of Name and Description Protection, because the Public Transport company keeps the data like phone numbers from which the customers order for ten years. The company defends they need to keep the data in order to provide a tax certificate, or because of possible complaints. The Office for Protection of Personal data doesn’t like those 10 years.


Prague Olympic Society got 11milions czk grant

Prague representatives have accredited 11 million grant for the Prague Olympic society. It is the second part of those more than 25 mil., with which the company managed this year. The company is going to use the money to cover the credit it took from the Czech Olympic committee, other four millions are for the employees and associates of the company.

Prague Olympic Society leave a loop-hole so the preparation of Olympic candidacy could continue. Meanwhile the opponents are against the games in Prague, Prague Mayor Pavel Bem doesn’t give up. For example Jana Ryslinkova labeled the organization of OG in Prague as the most expensive swimming courses in the world.

Bem have praised the Prague Olympic society for how well they managed with the 25 millions they got, as the original plan was to spend 100 millions. But, all in all Prague had to pay 70 millions for the unsuccessful candidacy, where Prague ended 6th from 7 competitors.


Czech used car dealers sell really cheap now

Because of the new law, according to which cars made before 1993 must have the special registration worth 10 000 czk starting this January, massive crowds sold their old Skodas, which are now available at second hand cars dealers very, very cheap. But the new law affects also cars made between 1991 and 1996, which now need a new registration worth 5 000 czk.

The economic slowed down and people start to think, where to invest their money. The Second hand car dealers had to reduce their prices dramatically and now for a change think, what to do with them, when supply exceeds demand.

As the Financial crisis continue, the retailers of new cars struggle as well. Skoda Cars have announced price reduction, somewhere up to 100 000 czk, however they had to pause production anyway. But if you feel like buying a car, second hand ones are now really cheap in Prague, or other Czech cities.