Compact archive December 12, 2008

Prague Spring 2009 Ticket Sale Starts Today!

Prague Spring (Czech: Mezinárodní hudební festival Pražké jaro) is a significant music event held under the patronage of the President of the Czech Republic and in association with the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Outstanding artists, symphony orchestras and chamber music ensembles has been performing at Prague Spring since 1946.

Prague Spring takes place 12th May 2009 – 3th June 2009. Why do we post the information now? Because this V.I.P. festival is traditionally sold out very, very soon before its start. If you re interested in it and think about visiting it, you should buy your tickets as soon as possible. If possible, do it today at Ticketpro.

Prague Spring in 2009 as an official event of the CR Chairmanship comes with such international stars, like Anne-Sophie Mutter, Kurt Masur, Juan Diego Flórez, Bernarda Fink, Christoph von Dohnányi, Thomas Hampson, Frank Peter Zimmermann or Jordi Savall, together with the Czech artists of world renown like Jiri Belohlavek, Dagmar Pecka, Ivan Moravec, Martina Jankova and Many others.

When you are going to go through the programme, you should put your mind to listed concerts of jubilee personalities, who co-designed the world of Czech and World music, like those: Bohuslav Martinu, Petr Eben, Joseph Haydn, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Fryderik Chopin, Josef Bohuslav Foerster or Frantisek Xaver Richter.


Skoda Auto turns down production. For Half a Year

The employees of Skoda Auto are now going through some really hard time. The Skoda Cars company cancels their production on Fridays. Thousands of employees, especially from production and logistic parts are going to have free Fridays. A huge effort of KOVO union achieved the nearly impossible – the employees are going to be paid.

“These were really hard negotiations, but we managed to agree on 75% of the average salary” said the chairman of the KOVO union.

But the stay at the factory won’t be very pleasurable – Skoda Cars age going through the biggest crisis in its modern history, created by low sales of the cars as a consequence of the world crisis, and the employees are moved. By moved, they mean they released more than 900 foreign workers off the hardest jobs, and are going to move regular employees at their posts, as the only way how not to fire them.

The Blob library only represents legality

The capital of the CR lets the term, until which the conditions for selling the parcel for the building of the new National Library should have been clear, to elapse. The representatives had the last chance to prolong the term, previously set on 31st December 2008. But the negotiation didn’t take place.

So the final decision is probably going to come in those few weeks, and as the Prague representatives stayed the same, the decision will be, quite possibly, negative. Or, as they didn’t prolong the contract, there may be other debates, but the Blob won’t be at Letna.

The decision itself, however, was never about Blob. It was about whether the representatives head with their ways to the past and decay, or to the future and development. Critiques of Klaus politics grow in numbers especially now, when the eyes of Europe turn to our small country, which is going to held the EU chairmanship.

The other countries look at the CR and see, what we already know – there is a lot of fresh liberal air, a lot of new attitudes, as well as groups of those who, probably as a heritage to the past regime, try to block the development in order to protect their own interests.

It was sad to watch, how ODS politicians change their stance from enchantment of the fresh Blob library to the negative attitude which started from Vaclav Klaus, in the instinct effort to keep their posts. In some cases, the bootlickery grow to such extent, the representatives lost their common sense. Pavel Bem is the proof.

Blob only stands for political freedom. If it wouldn’t be for it, there would be something else, on which the decay would display itself. But in order to be able to do what is right and legal, we first need to get rid of those, who permanently harm the interests and rights of this country.


Le Monde: Klaus is a grumpy choleric, but Schwarzenberg will help

The Thursday volume of the prestigious French magazine Le Monde brings an interview with the Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg. The paper shows they put great expectations into his persona during the Czech EU Chairmanship, they even state “Europe is soon going to be in the hands of the prince”

“Schwarzenberg is the Foreign Minister in the small country with the grumpy, choleric, ultra-liberal and europhobic president Vaclav Klaus” the newspaper wrote, picturing Klaus in a similar way like the last edition of The Economist.

Le Monde so see Schwarzenberg as one of the strong influential personas of those six months of Czech Chairmanship, which starts at the beginning of 2009. The comment also includes Topolanek: “… ultra-liberal prime minister Mirek Topolanek, who is unambiguously calmer, he steers more, and is a personal enemy of the President” the list adds, with the comment the EU can prepare for some hard months.

The list also reminds Klaus doesn’t like Schwarzenberg from the beginning, when he impeached his loyalty and his foreign name. Also, Schwarzenberg lived in exile for fifty years and he is a friend of the ex-Czech president Vaclav Havel, whom Klaus doesn’t like as well.


CSA Flights no longer with Free Food

A flight in the Economical class of Czech Airlines is soon going to resemble a flight with low-budget air companies. Passengers on board of CSA are not going to get the usual refreshment – the brunch and drink, but they will have to buy it.

This and other steps are from the “Action plan 2009” introduced by the company management, intended for survival of the company in the critical time of lower interest in flying. The secondary gains from sales are supposed to help the company to sustain total income.

The change doesn’t apply to passengers in Business class, which doesn’t change, with the exception CSA announced that they have to fight their decreasing numbers.

The action plan also counts with strict control of passengers luggage weight, plus collecting of fees for overweight.