Compact archive December 15, 2008

Interesting New Prague Bikeline

The new bikeline running from Hlavni Nadrazi to Vysocany should open next year, opening some very new perspectives of Prague, as it would run in the track originally used for railway, which was now cleaned out – it is no longer necessary due to the ultra fast Prague track worth billions. But the bikeline is not cheap – it is going to cost about a few hundreds of millions czk.

The construction is going to go in two phases – in the first one will be only from Hlavni Nadrazi to Krejcarek, in the second phase it should go up to O2 Arena. Krivohlavek from Auto*Mat states that “to build bikelines from the former railway tracks is more than effective, tracks go mostly on flat surface, making biking there nice and easy.

The new bikeline would go through housing, as well as industrial areas, parks, but also through a tunnel, where one even get to a complete darkness, as it turns twice in one point. “It should be adventurous, but not dangerous” says Krivohlavek.


18 thousands signatures against Communist Party

The new petition which circulates the Czech Republic is a good one. So far, the ‘We do not want to get used to Communists’ petition starts to be renown. The organizers gained more than 18 thousands signatures under it during one month, which lists the petition among the biggest ‘signing hits’. It originated as a reaction on the outcome of regional elections, when to the region managements got the former leaders of the soviet era.

The Social Democracy, which won the regional election, do prop themselves upon communist support in many regions. The name of the petition comes from the quote of Jiri Parouberk, who stated that people should “get used” to comeback of Czech Communists to power. As a matter of fact, most of people still haven’t managed to deal with the crimes communist party did in the past.

Jan Svejnar speaks about Financial Crisis in CR

The Economist Jan Svejnar, who made himself visible at the beginning of the year especially by running for the Czech President, speaks about World Crisis in connection to the Czech Republic. He predicts that the recession is but coming to the Czech Republic and that the country can fight it even for a few years. Svejnar’s key solution is fast Euro acceptation and taxes lowering.

Svejnar says lowering of the laxes of physical companies would compensate by taxes in the fields of realities and consumption. That would help our competitive strength. Concerning Euro acceptation he definitely supports the asap method in 2012. The Euro would help hold the prices on lower level, so limiting pricing. The government should stimulate economic growth by higher investments to infrastructure. Source: LN


The first Czech-born gorilla celebrated 4th birthday

A Celebration in Prague Zoo took place on Saturday, starting 11am, and it was not a small one. It was four years since the time the Czech Republic witnessed birth of the very first gorilla baby – Moja. To wish her good luck wanted not only crowds of visitors, but also the zoo management and invited VIPs.

As an every year, in front of the gorilla pavilion a platform was build, on which have performed the congratulates – Czech teen songstress Ewa Farna, the director Petr Fejk, and Spejbl a Hurvinek puppet theatre.

And what did she get for her birthday? A cake, some wooden toys, but the biggest gift is a brand new wooden play structure. Beside the birthday celebration, the visitors could try to spend time in gorilla fashion – in the education hall all the interested person could have build a gorilla den, or solve a brain-teaser, how to find hidden delicacies.


Gas prices finally drop in Czech Republic

Fuels in Czech Republic keeps up with the trend of cheapening. In the last week the prices of diesel dropped more significantly than the prices of gas. Now, diesel costs 26,02 czk, and the most sold Natural 95 sells for 23,47 a litre.

“The price at gas stations have, with a delay, reacted on the rapid fall of gas prizes, which took place 14 days ago” the analyst of the company Colosseum Cermak stated.

Different situation was on markets last week. The black gold have, after a few week of weakening, directed upwards. The price grew by 14 percent. The growth was also made by weakening dollar.

The OPEC meeting planned on 17th December is expected to limit mining. It is expected that the countries exporting oil are going to accede to the most significant limitation of production in the last ten years.