Compact archive December 16, 2008

Sarkozy Criticized Vaclav Klaus... again

Sarkozy criticized Klaus that he is not able to get over his Euroscepticism and hang a flag of the European Union during the Czech Chairmanship from the Prague Castle. Klaus is the main refuser of The Chairmanship enthusiasm. “We would be hurt, if we saw European flags are not present at all the public buildings of Prague. “ Sarkozy stated.

At the same time Sarkozy criticized Klaus for his negotiations with Euro-parliamentary delegation, which visited Prague two weeks ago. The member of delegation and the leader of the Greens in the European Parliament Daniel Cohn-Bendit brought Klaus a small EU flag, after which a few harsh words followed.

“This is not the way one negotiates with the members of the EU parliament, regardless of what is one’s political involvement. This is not the way the symbols of the EU should be treated” Sarkozy added.

Depeche Mode concert in Prague

Are you a music devotee and a great fan of the Depeche Mode in particular? The Slavia Stadium in Prague, Czech Republic, is hosting a spectacular music event: Depeche Mode will be playing a live concert.

One of the most successful music groups of the present, Depeche Mode, announced terms of their European Tour of the Universe, where Prague is not going to be absent. In Eden, we can look forward on 25th June 2009 for one of the biggest concert events of the future year. The group at the present time work on their new album, which is expected in the next year, to be played live.

Depeche Mode visited Prague for the first time in January 2006 during their last tour Playing the Angel. Their concert in 2009 takes Place in Slavia Eden Station. The only tickets which are possible to buy now are in the platinum quality and cost 3,500 czk.


Ramsay is a success, but not for 100% in Prague

Ramsay and his 'pet' The Maze restaurant in the Prague hotel Hilton Old Town doesn’t attract enough customers after a year in function. The founder, British chef Gordon Ramsay announced it yesterday on a press conference. Ramsay announced he want s to attract more customers by changes in the menu. The reason for low visit rate is, according to him, the financial crisis and competition.

The restaurant is full from Thursday to Saturday, from Monday to Wednesday it is not so great. “We are going to return to the traditional style and use turnip, potatoes and other simple vegetable.” Ramsay plans to reduce the expensive supplies. Prague restaurant Maze is the 18th enterprise of the famous Scottish chef.

The renowned chef Gordon Ramsay currently holds ten Michelin – stars. Modeled on the concept of Gordon Ramsay’s latest British restaurant, Maze, the restaurant offers a menu of signature tasting dishes.


Schwarzenberg got high German Badge

The Czech Foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg gained, from the hands of his German colleague Frank-Walter Steinmeir, a high German state badge, The Great Cross of Distinguished Service Medal of Germany. Karel Schwarzenberg so got the highest German evaluation he could receive as a foreign minister. The great appreciation came as a recognition of his merit in Czech-German relations.

The great cross, which new wearer is the Czech minister, wasn’t given to any Czech personality in the recent years. In the international qualification it is a state decoration of the first degree, higher is only the Great Cross of a special degree, which was given in 2000 to former Czech president Vaclav Havel.

German minister Steinmeier described Schwarzenberg as his friend, and stressed out Schwarzenberg’s life-long effort for overcoming Europe partition.


Budejovicky Budvar scored in battle for 'Bud' label

Budvar gained a significant victory at the ‘first-class’ court of the European community in the dispute among Budvar and American Anheuser-Bush.

Budejovice Budvar so achieved a significant victory – the court was about whether Bud can register their trademark in Europe, Budvar was logically against.

Other courts, like the OHIM previously denied the objection of the Budejovicky Budvar company with the comment the Bud Label can’t be considered as a name of origin, Budejovicky Budvar tried to prove Bud can be perceived as a shortcut for the name of Czech city Ceske Budejovice, which German version is Budweis.

Budejovicky Budvar succeeded in Luxemburg in the battle for the ‘Bud’ label, the outcome is the only Bud* in Europe should be the Budejovicky Budvar.