Compact archive December 17, 2008

Christmas parking in Prague for Free

If you want to park your car in the streets of Prague in those so called visitors zones, you won’t have to pay for it during the state holiday workdays. Prague representatives have agreed on it yesterday. The system is going to work on all the city parts with payed parking. The changes apply practically to all the parking machines in Prague, with the only exception which is Karlovo namesti (Charles Square).

The Green and Orange Zones offer free parking during weekends, but how it is going to be during the holidays wasn’t clear. Now we know – except for Karlovo Square where the machines need to be fed during weekends and holidays, in the whole Prague it is going to be for free.

The paid zones were introduced in 2007, since than there are debates about problems which come along. The representatives try to seal it by notices, like this one.


Seznam – Best Czech E-Mail Now without data limits

Since Monday, e-mail mailboxes of the portal offer unlimited capacity. The luxury can enjoy all those who follow simple instructions. First, you make an e-mail there with the ending or Second, you customize it. Third, you follow instructions and send an sms to the number provided (the sms costs about 3 czk). Fourth – you enjoy your infite postbox. is the most visited and the oldest Czech Internet portal. It was founded in 1996 by Ivo Lukacocic, when it was also the first Czech catalogue searching server. Since its origin it came through many changes. In the present time, about 2 millions of people visit it daily. It is also the first full-text searching engine made in the Czech Republic. Apart from typical functions, it supports inflections and conjugation, sitemap technology.

Bem probably on his to Antarctica

Prague Mayor and the non-successful candidate for the ODS chairman Pavel Bem is on the way to Antarctia. By beating the local giant Mount Vinson (4892 metres) he would fulfill his dream of climbing all the five highest mountains at five continents.

During the last announced climb to Mount Everest he took two months of unpaid vacation from the town hall, however his absence was criticized from all the sides. Maybe that is the reason why he returned to his previous tactics when he didn’t talk about his expeditions very much.

The speaker of Prague town council Jiri Wolf stated yesterday, that “The Mayor has two weeks of vacation. It is his personal business.” Bem’s wife Radmila said the iDnes server that Bem is ‘at mountains’. But Bem himself stated he would like to head there a year ago.