Compact archive December 22, 2008

Christmas Carp in Prague Vltava

Those who travel to the Czech Republic to enjoy some of our Christmas spirit, like the concerts in the Old Town, can be surprised, what do all the fish do in the bowls at street corners. A simple answer – they wait for the Christmas Eve to be ceremonially eaten! This old-times tradition is specific. Even when somehow morbid (the carps are often being slaughtered in front of pedestrians) it belongs to the previously mentioned Czech Christmas spirit.

Not all Czechs buy a carp for Christmas, and not all Czechs who buy a carp finally eat it. The complete tradition is the family who buys the carp should kill and cook it by themselves, which is a thing a modern men is mostly not able to execute without heavy mental trauma, resulting in a very new tradition, especially in Prague: ceremonial setting of the carp free. Even when most of the freed carps won’t survive in the fast flowing waters of Vltava, some are going to live long and well as the research proves. Do you want to try it? Buy one, take your dearest, and free it. You will feel good, I promise.

Pussycat Dolls Arrive to Prague

Music-dance group around the 30yo singer Nicole Scherzinger is going on the World tour, and they do not forget to visit Prague at their trip. Prague should hear their biggest hits and actual songs from the new album Doll Domination (published in 2008). on the final version of the tape is also the track When I Grow Up, which was co-produced by such stars as Timbelake, Sean Garrett or R. Kelly. As a bonus, every member of the girls has her own solo track in the bonus part of the album.

Pussycat Dolls let themselves be heard that the fans are going to see what they haven’t seen before. The originally dance group is going to pump up the fan crowd in Tesla arena so hard, there is going to be hot long after they will travel on their tour. Their tour starts this January in Scotland, they are arriving to Prague 21st February 2009 to Tesla Arena.


Golden Sunday attracted 10 000s Prague citizens to shops

Full parking spots in front of shopping halls, long queues by the cashier desks and tens of thousands of people, trying to buy a gift for their near and dear, this is how the last advent weekend before the Christmas Eve looked like.

That is a classic sight: most of people leave their Christmas shopping for the last moment, and than the shopping centres are swarming with shoppers. The most often bought items are clothes, books, cosmetics and toys. Compared to the last yer, alcohol and money as gifts fell in popularity.

Compared to the previous year, many shops launched sales before the holidays already. For example in Deichmann at Chodov they sell winter footwear 50% cheaper already. Tesco plan sales on 26th December.

Lots of Prague citizens shopped for the gifts much more comfortable way, through the Internet. Czech Post had to, for the central Prague office, take in 200 part-time hands, who were assorting packets for 24 hours a day.

Nativity Scene Prague Exhibition

In the Highest Burgrave of the Prague Castle is a charming exhibition of a few dozens of Nativity scenes from the workshops of old and contemporary Betlemari – ‘Betlehelmers’, including some rare and valuable pieces, taking place. The exhibition shows wooden Nativity scenes, sheet crib views, paper scenes and glass pieces. This year, we can also admire the replica of an old puppet show which entertained audiences more than a hundred years ago.

Nice pieces of Nativity scenes are viable also in various non-traditional forms, like those made from gingerbread, or the one from 30s made of ceramics, originally designed for the st. Vitus Chapel, or some charming woodcarver works. The exhibition is opened daily, including holidays and weekends from 9 to 17 hours. Highest Burgrave of the Prague Castle, lasts until 4th January 2009.


Prague Public Transport, Sundays 2009: less lines

Travelling in Prague is going to take longer, the day of choice is Sunday. The organizers of Public Transport adjusted the time-tables and so the intervals in Metro are going to be longer of 10 minutes, tramways are going to come once in twenty minutes.

Changes in Public transport in Prague start fourth January, the limitation should be only in period from 8 to 12 hours. The reason is simple – endeavour to economize. Sunday mornings have already proven to be the time, when the least passengers use the public transport.

Intervals at all Metro traces are going to be prolonged to 10 minutes. At the present time the intervals vary among 8,5-3 minutes, depending on the line, now it is going to be 10 minutes everywhere. Sunday tramways so far went every 15 minutes, now it is going to be 20.