Compact archive December 29, 2008

Prague: People shop like Christmas isn't over, sales up to 70 percent

Harvest season for tradesman doesn’t stop. The last weekend resembled looked like it was the weekend before Christmas. Clothes are on sale, up to 70% cheaper, so more people went shopping this year. The Businessmen profited also on the fact there was weekend directly after the Christmas eve. Another wave of discounts is possible to expect in the new year.

If you are looking for the lowest prices, the time comes closer. Some shops resembled a war zone with all that shouting and mess, which the customers leave behind. Shelves looked like if a bomb hit it. Now, we can return to normal shopping. Some of us also go to those more expensive shops to enjoy the sales. For example the boutiques and shops at Wenceslas Square are expensive the rest of the year, so now is the time.

Bem Returned from vacation, claiming he didn't go to Antarctica

Prague mayor Pavel Bem is back form his vacation, which aroused interest of media. According to some information from the Prague Municipal Council he should have been at Antarctica, climbing the top mountain – Mount Vinson there. Bem now – going there. But the source of claims the opposite.

“I took eight days of vacation, today it is Sunday and I am in work. I went to mountains. I was on vacation, not in Antarctica.” Bem said for CTK.

On the other question, which was “Which mountains did you go to” he didn’t answer, saying that his vacation is only his business. “Rumours are problems of journalists, not me.” Bem added. He is well-known for his love of mountain-climbing, last year he went to Mt. Everest.

Another question Pavel Bem arouses for a long time is, who finances his trips, vacations, housing, or celebrations. For example his huge birthday party in September could have cost up to 500 thousand czk, and when we know the rent in his villa is 324 thousand czk a year, he wouldn’t make it alone with his 86 thousand fee/ month.

Summary of Biggest Prague Events 2008

The year 2008 was very rich for music experience. Not only for returning stars like Chris Rea, Mark Knopfler, Johnny Winter, John Mayall, Nick Cave and Suzanne Vega, but also some first-time shows like those of Alanis Morissette and Jane Birkin, which were nice, but they only fore-run the real bombs, the strongest which exploded in Prague Congress Centre in form of Bobby Mc Ferrin, who needed only a chair and a microphone to make the greatest evening for his audience, who in return surprised him by perfect first voice in the aria Ave Maria.

Another top of the music year war the energetic concert of legendary songster Bob Dylan in the Ostrava CEZ arena. He was in great shape during the concert and it went really well. He sung and played the mouth organ clearly. In a way, he did a better job than his songress colleague Tom Waits, who was sentenced to play in the communist building of Prague Pakul which clearly didn’t fit him. The difference was in energy.

Speaking about energy, R.E.M. at the Eden football stadium in Vrsovice opened a Pandora box of great music played with real enjoyment. Their new album rocks, like their live performances, which undoubtedly is the first league. The year was rich, and the big jewel in form of Leonard Cohen was the humane experience of the year, arousing many great emotions.

Modern Middle-Eurpean art exibition in Prague

Permanent exposition in Museum Kampa introduces the art pieces of significant Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian and Yugoslavian artists, especially the art from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, but also the contemporary works. Within the permanent collection, every Tuesday and Thursday since 15 commented visits, you just need to buy a ticked. It is opened daily from 10 to 18 hours.

Museum Kampa now offers the so called informer, which means the educated personnel prepared to lead visitors through the object and answer questions. The service is free of charge. The tickets are 120czk, pensioners and students pay only a half.

Meda Mládek is the organizer who became determined to promote contributions of Kupka to the wider public. In the meantime, she managed to acquire an extensive collection of Kupka’s tableaus and relevant drawings – studies for various large-scale paintings.


Organizers of Prague ski are happy – it is freezing

Today in Prague, Prague Ski competition starts at Prague Exhibition ground. Just a few days before, the race was seriously jeopardized by warm weather and lack of snow. However during the night from 25th to 26th December snow cannons are running continuously, plus there is also the PolarSnow technology used, which means making the snow using water, compressed air and liquid nitrogen. The biggest advantage is the snow doesn’t have any chemicals inside and so its properties are similar to those of regular snow.

Since 11 am, Prague Exhibition Ground opens an accompanying programme, with concerts of Czech groups like Walda Gang, and Support Lesbians. The start of qualification races is at 1 pm. The program continues tomorrow since 10 am by the main race, at 12 the race for the public concurs.