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Prague Zoo – another successful year behind

The Prague Zoo just blossoms under Petr Fejk’s lead, nobody can doubt that. In 2008, about 1,2 million visitors passed its gates, which lists it among the most visited in zoo parks Europe again. Prague zoo is among the seven best zoos in Europe, according to Forbes magazine. When you enter the zoo, you automatically contribute to protection of wild animals.

Every year, the park gives us something new. In 2008 it was the very expensive and quality pavilion for gavilas, which are not possible to see anywhere in Europe. In 2009 they plan for example the new exposition of sea lions, sweetshop for families with kids or a lookout tower. It is a students, children, retired and dog friendly enterprise, which improves its services every year.


Prague Refuses to penalise itself for Charles Bridge Repair

A reconstruction, which is according to specialists messed up, but an outsider can’t recognise there is anything wrong. That is the centre of the dispute, that has been going for half a year now. The reason for reconstruction was the stones were damaged by salting and needed replacement, the reasons for complaint was that too much stones were replaced, also that they have been replaced in a wrong way photos.

The peculiar thing about the case is, the payer of a fine should be the reconstructor, which is the city of Prague, and the receiver of the fine money is the owner of the building, which is Prague city again. Is Prague going to pay itself? We will see. The city took time to think. That the submitter deserves a fine decided the inspection of ministry of culture. According to it, the Prague town hall broke the law, when they didn’t make the necessary documentation for the repair.


Czech Year 2008

When it is time to pop open the champagne and start to celebrate we survived another year, one wants to balance, what happened the year before. What happened in the Czech Republic in 2008? As a starter, the visas for the USA were abandoned, finally ending one of bureaucratic mambo-jumbos.

Two films touched our hearts – Citizen Havel, introducing the ex-president as human as he is, offering surprisingly entertaining experience. The other film was ONCE, giving us a bitter-sweet insight of lovers, whose love can never be, with the theme song which brought them an Oscar.

Concerning sports, we can’t omit the Olympic gold of Barbora Spotakova in javelin, also the sharpshooter Katerina Emmons who showed beside the sport show with the golden medal at the end also a love story.

The year also presented, in which political direction is the country going to go – ODS presented how far they are from the life which their voters live, and it didn’t pay off. The incoming years will be oriented to the left.

New Year Eve in Prague

Are you in Prague on 31-1st ? What to do in Prague on New Year’s Eve? Well, you can start your evening by making a stop in a restaurant, and than to pop a champagne outside at midnight. It is ok – even when there are some things you should know. There is public drinking ban at some places like Prague Kampa, but that shouldn’t trouble you on that particular day. The most dangerous things are alcohol, pyrotechnics, and cold. So when you feel like drinking straight vodka (I know, it is cheap and has less calories) which may seem like a good idea, just make sure somebody will transport your unconsciousness body back to the hotel.

Pyrotechnics are a notorious – there are regulations, but cheap pieces from Taiwan flooded the market, making it possible for anyone to buy enough firepower for blowing up … what he wants. Sure that the great fireworks above the Prague Castle are a great spectacle everybody (except for dogs) can enjoy, they became less enjoyable, when somebody at Wenceslas square fires it to the crowd.

Cold – there is a great help against cold – climb down to Radost FX, Roxy, Mecca or Karlovy Lazne (better to find out whether they still have tickets before going) and start to party, you can be sure it will be so hot you will soon loose the clothes you can, still being hot.

Anyway, Prague is a famous destination for parties, and I know it can be highly enjoyable, if you just book something in the centre, or you just simply go there and enjoy the atmosphere around. Happy new year!


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Prague Tour de Ski – Lucky. It is Freezing

Today, the 09 season of Prague Tour de Ski, ski running competition, starts. Just a few days ago, it seemed the whole competition is threatened by warm weather and lack of snow. But at the night from 25th to 26th December it started to freeze and since the time, the snow cannons are running continuously.

Hundreds of people came to watch the race yesterday. It continues today, and it is expected that the sun is going to pull even more people out of their beds. They didn’t occupied only the tribunes, but also stood by the 650 m long track, going around the whole Prague Exhibition Ground.

The programme wasn’t fun for adults only, there were also performances for kids included. And where is going to go all that mass of snow. Quite probably it is going to end up in neighbour Stromovka, where those in Prague can enjoy it.