Compact archive January 5, 2009

Pay for Prague Parking by Mobile Phone

Since April, the drivers who park in Prague zones won’t have to look for change in their pockets, a mobile phone would be enough. Into the paying sms, the drivers write their licence plate number and for how long they want to stay there. Also they will probably have to write in which city part they are in.

If police officers pass by, they will read the licence plate and find out whether the driver is a resident, or if he has paid the charge. The parking fee is going to appear on the statement of account from the mobile provider.

Another change is that some streets where was, so far, some parking ‘only for the residents’ is about to change into combined zones, meaning that visitors are going to be able to park there as well.


Prague Citizens most Numerous in History

Prague has the most citizens in its history. That results from the data given by the Czech statistical office, which enclosed the numbers of inhabitants to the first nine months of 2008. The number increased to 1 226 697 people, the report says. The closest to the number was the year 1992, when the lines of Prague citizens were of 9 thousands less numerous.

In the Czech metropolis the number of citizens steadily grows from the 1970’s, until 1992, when the development paused. There were less babies born and the tendency was to get housing outside Prague borders. In 2006 the number fell on the level of 1975. Now the number rises again, not only we had quite a baby boom, but also the flow of migrants from Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam and Slovak Republic intensifies.

Some gambling houses to disappear from Prague

To go to a little casino and to put ones money into a slot machine is going to be a little more difficult starting the next year. The new public notice stated to obtain to 1st January, so having a gambling house means to fulfill many conditions. Among others it is to keep tapes from security cameras for 30 days and to remove the shiny advertisements with jackpot height from the front.

The cases of those places being a meeting-place of various necromaniacs or thieves are notorious, and the city has been trying to solve it since the very Velvet Revolution. Finally, the numbers are on decrease. Even when they planned to close 226 and in the end only 80 were locked, ‘gambling survivors’ will have limit their business, meaning they will have to stop being non-stop premises.


Taxis in Prague are going to be yellow only

On the taxi stances of Prague are going to be yellow cars only. The world peculiarity has finally arrived to Prague with full power. The cars which use the stances made by the city itself have to be yellow only since yesterday. What’s more, the cars have to be equipped with air-conditioning and they also have to be younger 8 years. The new public notice valid to 1st Jan 09 should improve the services.

The main problem of Prague taxis is they suffer from various pseudo-taxi individuals, who aren’t in any company and just basically pretend to be professionals, plus the company Euro Taxi, which associates some extreme individuals whom you should avoid. Now the new public notice should improve the situation – the ‘good’ taxis are going to be yellow now. Still – the best thing is to call some cross-checked taxi companies.


Metropolis prepares for a week of snow

Czech Hydrometeorological Institute announced on their web: “We expect that on Monday the whole area of the Czech Republic is going to be covered by coherent snow cover of 1-10 cm height.” A simple announcement, that can evoke joy or worries – joy for kids and those who love winter sports, worries of rescue workers.

During the weekend it was easy to spot families with kids, the little ones wanting to enjoy those few hours snow usually stays in Prague. But the metropolis didn’t offer only sledging, the snow moved to Stromovka after the Tour De Ski attracted, and it brought fun for numerous ski-runners.

Freezing weather, which started during Christmas, probably culminates in the half of the week. The temperatures are going to drop to -15 Celsius at places. For precise forecast continue here.