Compact archive January 8, 2009

Obama Phoned Topolanek and Complimented for Czech Mission at Middle East

The Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek telephoned with the ingoing American president Barrack Obama, who called him as the head of the Europen Comitee, and also appreciate Topolanek’s role which the CR mission played in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Topolanek stated he repeated his invitation to the Czech Republic; Obama could arrive to an unformal EU summit. What were the other themes he talked with obama he refused to comment.

The mission of Union representatives to the Middle East was led by the Czech foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg, accompanied by his colleagues from France and Sweeden, eurocomissary Benita Ferrero-Waldner and the high Union representative for foreign policy Javier Solana.


Marihuana almost decriminalized in the Czech Republic

three-is-legal Decriminalization is not legalization. Decriminalization means, that for smoking and possessing of this most widespread light drug here could be hardly any penalization. The senate passed the new drug law with even less debating than the parliament, meaning they agreed marijuana is not as dangerous as other drugs.

The codex so corresponds with the December verdict of the Constitutional court, according to which to grow cannabis is not a criminal act and doesn’t necessarily mean to produce drugs.

Little quantity is, according to the prepared law, less than 20 cigarettes of marijuana or three flowers of hemp. In the case of magic mushrooms the upper limit for little quantity is 25 pieces.

The government regulation was to explain obscurities around when it is distribution or drug possession for personal use. The laws which were used until now didn’t respond to the liberal nature of the Czech Republic.


Illuminated Sculptures in the Streets of Prague

The project called Transparency, realized within Czech EU Chairmanship wants to emphasize the magic of Prague in the first place. The other aim would be to make contemporary art accessible for the general public. The display of the first four from the six presents renowned artists, which can admire anyone who is in Prague just now. These are just the ‘first wave’, others are going to be placed in February and April. The street exhibition continues until the end of June.

Panel with a girl silhouette ‘Ann Dancing’ by Julian Opie was put to the widow of the National Theatre so it can be seen the whole day. The statue ‘We’ by Jaume Plensa is placed on Jan Palach square shines every day from 18 to midnight. The light show ‘Mice’ by Stephan Reusse shines everyday from 20 to midnight in Dusni ulice. ‘Love Letters’ by Arthur Duff is on Old Town Square ; it shines every hour until midnight, starting 18:00.


Metropolis full of Euro-commissaries, Czech Chairmanship initiated

Organizers running in and out, air temperatures deep below freezing and fluttering of banners of the present demonstrators, sometimes honking of car horns. Such could be the short description of yesterday evening in front of the National Theatre.

Between seven and eight, it hosted 27 Foreign Ministers of all the EU member countries. Yesterday was the day of the ceremonial opening of our half-a-year Chairmanship. There were planned demonstrations, but only 30 people stayed in the bitter cold with no energy for public nuisance.

The chair of Vaclav Klaus and his wife Livia stayed empty through the evening, but the ex-president Vaclav Havel with Dagmar arrived as stated before. The evening started the Prime Minister, stating the Czech Chairmanship will be ‘in the sign of three Es’; effective, empatic, eclectic.


Minus 34 °C, Cold in Czech

Czechs wean for cold. Such winter became unusual in this land, now we have to deal with -30°C at night during the whole week. One can guess that in combination with snowing it makes trouble, and really – on Mo and Tu, 72 got hurt in Prague only. One homeless froze to death to such extent his joints wouldn’t move.

Doctors in these days strongly warn three groups: elderly people, cardiac patients, and parents of little kids. “If there is less than -5°C parents should naturally check whether their kids have enough of suitable clothing.” Seniors and cardiacs shouldn’t go out at all when it is below -10.

The centres for flash burn care have a lot of work as well – frostbites are cured by similar methods. If the spot on the skin is white and blood doesn’t return to it, it is necessary to go to a doctor. In the second phrase the spot will became red on the contrary. But – if you do not stay outside you should be fine. For more weather in Prague check here.