Compact archive January 12, 2009

Czechs and huge Entropia sculpture

The art-piece of Czech artist David Cerny has attracted considerable number of fans. Czechs have introduced the huge plastic Entropia, which refers to stereotypes connected to the 27 countries of the EU. The visitors of the European Committee building can check Austria hidden under cooling towers of Nuclear plants, flooded Holland from which minarets pop out, the Czech Republic where quotes of Vaclav Klaus on a display run, or Bulgaria with a huge squat toilet.

“I don’t like it at all” can be heard from the crowd scanning the massive Euro-puzzle, which father is Czech artist David Cerny. “It is great, I think it represents the countries well” Says an Italian employee of the Silvio council. “Well, you have sense of humor” smiles a Bulgarian employee of one of the European institution, looking at the Bulgaria plastic.

And what does the artist David Cerny think? “Self-reflection, critical spirit and the ability to perceive oneself and the surrounding world with the sense of irony belongs to Europe and its thinking.” Source:LN


New Czech Political Party

The new political party in the Czech Republic wants to attract especially those who do not vote regularly. The name is Strana svobodných občanů – SSO (The party of free citizens). The party, among others, disapproves the Lisbon treaty reforming EU, also it demands referendum for Euro adoption.

Petr Mach, a close cooperative of Vaclav Klaus, also published the program and constitution on a press conference, with the estimate personal compound of the political group. Three from six members of the leading team have finished their career in ODS recently, in 2008. How much the party is connected to Klaus symbolises, beside the chairman Mach himself, the ex-representative of ODS and contemporary Klaus’s advisor Jiri Payne.

As Mach stated on the press conference, the new party is here for “…people, who were frustrated by contemporary possibilities in elections and situation in the parliament and they didn’t have anyone to vote for.” They would like to fill in the gap.

Napalm Death Concert in Prague

To speak about Napalmdeath as one of the most important bands of extreme music is like carrying coals to Newcastle. More than 25 years on the scene and still so much invention and unceasing verve when creating music – as a matter of fact only a little number or formations on the contemporary music scene can show off similarly. Meanwhile a quarter of century before, Napalmdeath were the very authors of musical genre grind-core, now they also play with styles like HC, punk, thrash, death, but the result is still the explosively strong performance with killing capacity of napalm itself.

Napalm death come to the „Winter Assault Tour 2009“ in classic set: Mark „Barney“ Greenway – vocals, Shane Embury – bass, Mitch Harris – guitar, Danny Herrera – drums. The whole tour accompany two grind groups, specifically Swedish Splitter and Czech Pigsty. Swedish commando Splitter are among the most promising European groups of this style, with their music mixing energy, young enthusiasm and texts full of critique of contemporary society.

20th January 2009, Napalm Death (uk), Splitter (swe), Pigsty (cze), pre-sale 250czk at Ticketpro, on the spot 280czk. Start 18:00 at Club Roxy in Prague.


Czech sportsman of 2008: Barbora Spotakova

Barbora Spotakova If we look at those fifty years of history of the Czech Sportsman of the year, tens of years are connected by throwing the javelin. The spear has flown through the skies of fame again.

The Golden Olympic throw of Barbora Spotakova came on the day of Soviet occupation anniversary, hitting hearts of million fans – she beaten a Russian athlete, which combined with a thriller (she wasn’t first until the last try) brought her admiration of the nation.

“Each of us watches the television, to see stories. And I am glad one such story happened to me. That I felt that good that evening, that I could beat the Russian by the last throw. That is fantastic.” she said. The second was the double Olympic winner Katerina Emmons, the love story of great expectations. The king of the last winter, mountain ski runner Lukas Bauer, the story of will and patience was third.


Winter in Prague, January 2009

The last Christmas and celebration of the New Year are successfully behind, and the winter hit us with full strength, as far as I remember it was at least four or five years since it was so cold and there was so much snow. Kids are happy, they can enjoy winter pleasures, but we are used to less enjoyable problems with streets and pavements. This weather usually causes traffic completely collapses, because the services didn’t manage to clean the snow.

Beginning of this year, however, differs positively – those who care about the streets being rideable did their job well. All the main streets are rideable and the few crashed car plates were mostly the drivers fault. Even when the by-street can’t be treated with salt for the sake of ecology, they are pulled nicely and drivable. I hope that the trend will continue in February, when there will be more snowing.