Compact archive January 14, 2009

DJ Sven Vath in Prague

Sven Väth in younger times Have you ever wished to see and hear the legenday german producer and DJ Sven Vath? It becomes real in April. Sven states on his webpage that 10th he plays in Prague Club Mecca. It should be within the party Acapulco, the resident party of Czech DJ and beauty Lucca.

Sven Väth (born 1964 ) is a DJ who has produced an extensive range of work since his career began in 1982. He was also one of the founders of legendary trance music labels Harthouse and the now-defunct Eye Q, as well as being among the very first DJs to play trance records.

In 1995 Mixmag rated his album Accident in Paradise one of the top-50 dance albums of all time; although the title track is a fast techno piece, the rest is far more sedate, such as the track “Coda,” which features merely a flute and a harpsichord.

Ticket prices: 490 czk to 30th March, 590 to 10th April, 700 czk at the spot. There is only 800 tickets on sale so I would recommend buying it online at ticketpro. Legendary producer and DJ Sven Vath in Prague Club Mecca on 10th April 2009.


Smarter Cash Dispensers start in the Czech Republic

Local banks in Prague and in the Czech Republic started to euip a new wave of more intelligent cash machines. The trend starts with few tens of new machines, which serve for money drawings and finding out the balance, recharging mobile credit, but can also transfer money to other accounts, so it is possible to use it for paying the bills.

The service, which spreads in western Europe at the present time, is provided by UniCredit Bank in the Czech Republic; their 51 cash machines however transfer money until the next workday. There should also be deposit online machines. There are two of them placed at two Prague premises, at Smichov and in Cestlice.

Deposit cashomats are to be placed during the first half of the year. If there will be interest in depositing this way, there will be more of them. They cost twice as much as the regular ones, but they economize the traffic at branches.

Skoda Auto moves the Release of their first Cross-country car

The very first off-road car made by Skoda Auto, called simply ‘Yeti’ is going to be sold in September. The company so moved the release of half a year. In consequence to this decision, the company doesn’t want to present the new model on the March motor show in Geneva, because there would be too big a gap among the exhibition premiere and sale start.

The car will have its premiere in Frankfurt, it will be possible to buy in September. This term corresponds with introducing Yetti much better. The Skoda Car factory wants, according to their speaker, to prepare the customers in advance for the model; there will be official photographs, media are going to have chance of testing it.

There were still small changes between the concepts and the real car, at the present moment there are some last tests taking place. Yeti is made in a newly reconstructed historical Skoda factory.

Russian Gas Didn't Arrive to EU... Why?

At first, it seems crystal clear. Ukraine doesn’t want to pay world prices of gas to Russia, and so it blackmails Moscow by stopping the transit through its territory, respectively by stealing so much from Russian supplies to Europe Ukrainians wouldn’t freeze and Kiev could negotiate better price with Moscow.

Maybe we could believe that, if that wouldn’t be the case of business run almost solely by mafia, if we could say there is democracy in Russia, and not the “sovereign democracy” which is only a facade. So the whole action with stopping the gas seen in wider context brings new explanations.

The whole matter can be nothing but a performance of Kremlin with three base aims – to corrupt Ukrainian convergence with the EU, punish Kiev for the December agreement with the USA about strategic partnership and to put through expensive and problematic project of Baltic gas main.


Humorous Mosaic made Bulgarians angry

Bulgaria is going to send a protest note about the plastic of the artist David Cerny called Entropia. Sofia principally protests against the map which symbolises Bulgaria being created like if compounded of squat toilets. The vice-prime minister Vondra, who is supposed to ceremonially show the sculpture tomorrow, was taken by surprise as well. He said they consider further steps.

Bulgarian officials were criticizing the decoration of Czech Chairmanship really hard yesterday. According to their speaker Betina Jovevo it is “extremely offensive”. The author of the art piece is Czech artist David Cerny, even when it was originally supposed to be created by 27 artists of all the union countries. But Cerny admitted he made the sculpture with two of his friends, and the names of 27 other artists were made up. So he has responsibility for what is going to happen now. We will know on Thursday.