Compact archive January 26, 2009

Peace Oasis at Prague Islands at construction

The most extensive work of Prague 1 is this year unique concept of free time use. The quite simple intention has a well-considered conception.

Strelecky ostrov
Makeover of the roads and and play components for kids, a new lift from Legie bridge and a ‘stay meadow’ intended for rest; on a blanket for instance.

Slovansky ostrov
Restoration of children railway and paving at Zofin, repair of mole, repair of roads, green, benches and bins.

Reconstruction of the complete Kampa park area, adjustment of Certovka bed and repair of riverside walls among Sovovy Mlyny and Lichenstejnsky palace. Newly, the re is going to be a bikeline established

Prague have found out that for these investments it is possible to get money from the European Union funds. In some cases, EU funds are going to cover 85% of the costs.

Reconstructions start this summer, possibly later because of the EU Chairmanship. We are going to inform about further development.


Prague not penalizing itself for Charles Bridge reconstruction

The capital have successfully avoided paying those 4 millions fine, which it should for the criticized repairs of the Charles Bridge. It was expected; the fine was decided by the Prague Heritage Institute, which fall within the city cognizance. And the City Hall has informed about that it is not going to penalise itself anyway a month ago.

That the reconstruction wasn’t kosher was decided by the Ministry of culture inspection. According to it the City Hall has broken the law of the national monuments, when at the time of preparations haven’t delivered necessary documentation for railing repairs and didn’t have construction-historic survey updated.

According to Ondrej Sevcu from the National Heritage Institute the problem of insufficient or late documentation to projects of sights repairs comes from the contemporary practice. The documentation is often made later, according to of the state of the object.

Theme: registered by Vladimir Zelezny in CR

The Euro-parliamentarian Vladimir Zelezny, who became renowned by successfully building the first private Czech Television Nova, and later by a long lawsuit about copyrights, which cost the CR about 10 billions fine, doesn’t really care about copyrights – he registered the Euro-skeptic party Libertas in Prague, without asking the founder of the original Libertas, Declan Ganley.

For the server iDnes Zelezny said about Ganley that “… he is charismatic, interesting, very able in business … if he just wasn’t so naive” and so he founded ‘his’ Libertas without letting him know. If asked if he is going to cooperate with Libertas, Zelezny says he can, but doesn’t have to cooperate with them. “We have our own Ganley in the person of Vaclav Klaus. He is our model.”

Zelezny said he is not aspiring to be the number one on the list of candidates, he however doesn’t deny it. He is clear about one thing though – Ganley won’t have any authority in the Czech brunch of ‘his’ euro skeptic party.

Bulgarian artist posted answer to Czech Entropia

“What have we done? Big sh*t, that’s what we have done.” the quote of Czech writer, who created Good Solider Svejk, the character iconic to the Czech national temper became the base of Bulgarian answer to Entropia – caricature of Czech republic, where is a picture of Svejk, dropping his poo on the map of the Czech Republic.

The author is a caricaturist of the Internet version of one of the most sold Bulgarian newspaper Dneven Trud, depicting, how the Bulgarians see the Czechs. One has to think that ‘Bulgaria strikes Back’ after David Cerny aroused emotions with his Entropia, where was Bulgaria pictured as a country of Turkish (squat) toilets. They reply with the same note – when we see them as a country, which generally is (going into) a toilet, they see us as a country which citizens have really never achieved anything. This is much more enjoyable than the government order to cover it.

Johannes Kepler museum to open in Prague

Johannes_Kepler_1610 On the occasion of this year, which was by the international organization UNESCO and the OSN proclaimed as the year of astronomy, the museum of Johannes Kepler is going to open in Karlova street. The founder of the museum is the Czech Astronomical society, which made an agreement with the flat owner about renting the room, where Johannes Kepler lived and formed his laws about planetary movement.

This year is also 400th anniversary of the fundamental piece by Kepler; the book Astronomia Nova was published in Prague in 1609. The publication is concerned with deduction and formulation of the first two laws of orb movement in the solar system. The museum is going to display historical objects or their copies, information desks about Kepler and his work and laws about planetary movement.