Compact archive January 28, 2009

Irglova and Hansard broke up.

The season of Marketa Irglova and Glen Hansard as a couple ends. Even when they concert today in sold-out opera house in Sydney, they are no longer lovers. For the romantic souls who have seen the movie Once the couple met in much simple setting – Hansard is a friend of Marketa’s father, and as he saw Marketa grow from a child into a girl, he fell in love with her, and they wrote the song ‘Falling Slowly’ together when she was about 15. That they will set the world on fire and win an Oscar with the song was beyond their imagination.

A romantic movie is one thing, but the real life is different. It has been a few weeks since Hansard admitted for an Australian paper Sydney Morning Herald that the amorous couple from the movie is only a film fiction. They stay together as a musicians, but hard to say what the future will bring.

Entropa of David Cerny Videos Here!

It was hard to find a photo of Entropa by David Cerny, which wouldn’t have the typical © on it. Luckily, there is Youtube, and so we can all rejoice at the videos. Entropa was made by David Cerny to decorate the house of European Parliament in Brussels. David Cerny is one of our best, and at the same time one of the most controversial artists which the Czech Republic have. He didn’t disappoint.

Not only he presented a piece of art that won’t be forgotten, he also made fools of the Czech Government, when he promised to make Entropa with 25 artists from the union countries, but he made it himself with his team, because no one from the government bothered to even come and have a look at what is he doing.

He created a puzzle of the union countries, based on stereotypes, and testing the level of democracy. The country which cracked first was Bulgaria, protrayed as a country of Turkish (squat) toilets. They demanded the country will be hidden under a black blanket, by which making their way of doing needs even more pronounced.


The last goodbye to Jan Kaplicky

The last goodbye to the famous Czech architect Jan Kaplicky came to express about hundreds of people yesterday. About half an hour before the ceremony begun, the former church of st. Anna had whole crowds standing in front of it, with flowers. Famous personalities took part in the ceremony; Jiri Paroubek with his wife, senator Jiri Dinsbier, Architect Eva Jiricna, actor Bolek Polivka, documentalist Olga Sprotakova, composer Varhan Bauer, singer Krystov Michal, or close friend of Kaplicky, singer Pavel Bobek.

A very sad moment of the ceremony was, when Dagmar Havlova came out to read a letter, the former president Vaclav Havel wrote for Johanka Kaplicky to her future 12th birthday. He mentions he got into hospital the same day with serious health trouble. “.. I don’t know why In the end he got priority to enter the gate of heaven, but when I found out about it it was clear for me I have to honour his legacy and work on its realization. The building of the National Library at the place of the dictator’s statue is an expression of culture and humanity, the expression of human respect to to the nature. I wish you (Kaplicky’s daughter) won’t have to face human smallness more than necessary.


Medvedev threatens Czechs with sanctions for weapons to Georgia

The Czech Republic and other countries exporting weapons and military technique to Georgia are in danger of economical sanctions of Russia.

Such is the outcome of decree of Russian President Dimitri Medvedev, published in Moscow last week. In 2007 was Georgia after India and Slovakia a country, where most of the military technique and other material went.

“In the case of finding facts about equipment supply to Georgia, by a state or an organization … the Russian Federation will apply particular economical steps towards them.”

Russia doesn’t mention particular steps, but clearly European Countries are dependent on Russian gas. If Russia want to occupy the whole Georgian region, this could be the beginning of the second step.

Russia changed its mind – no rockets in Kaliningrad yet

Iskander Rocket The Russian government holds their plans for locating the rockets Iskander in Kaliningrad by Polish borders, Interfax agency announced it with appeal to one unnamed source among high grade representatives of the Russian army.

Moscow wanted to install Iskander rockets on the most west part of Russia- in Kaliningrad enclave squished among Poland and Latvia – as an answer to antiorocket bases in Poland and radar in the Czech Republic.

Probably it is a reaction of Russians to Barack Obama being the new US president.

“We discontinue our plans to build rocket base in Kaliningrad, because the new American administrative has decided not to hurry with their plans on building the anti-rocket shield in the Eastern Europe.” Interfax quotes the general.