Compact archive February 6, 2009

Most Visited Sights and Monuments in Prague

The Czech metropolis attracts millions of visitors every year. There is a difference among them, though – those who come from abroad look especially for well known Gothic and baroque monuments, meanwhile those from Bohemia aim for Prague Exotic entertainment, for the famous gorilla group, tigers or lions.

Prague Castle
1 342 246
Prague Zoo
1 196 954
Old Town Square City hall
456 002
Petrin Observation Tower
Petrin Maze
211 342
Old Town Bridge Tower
115 582

The numbers above speak about the number of sold tickets, which when count up make the Prague Castle the winner of visit rate in 2008. Beside tourists from abroad also because the Crown Jewels were displayed.

The King of Blues, guitarist B.B. King Returns to Prague

The third best guitarist of all times, 83 yo bluesman B.B. King visits withing his reportedly last European tour Prague. For how many times is this ‘International Farewell Tour’ going to repeat? During the last tour of this name got B.B. King a question from a journalist, if it is really his last tour, and he answered: “My favorite actor Sean Connery … made a movie called Never Say Never”

Maybe the last tour would really be the last, but thanks to the miracle in the form of King’s new album One Kind Favor. Most of the critics run out of stars while evaluating it, and the fans were ecstatic.

BB King have performed for a few times in the Czech Republic, and it was always a success. The tickets start at 700 czk and go up to 2500, the pre-sale start on 16th February at Ticketpro. B.B. King performs with his group in Prague Tesla Arena on 15 June 2009.

Supporters of Blob by Kaplicky demonstrated in Prague

The original estimates spoken of more people, at the end about a thousand came to gather around the statue of Jan Hus at the Old Town Square. To support the National Library came also famous personalities like Aňa Geislerova, but also vip Karel Schwarzenberg, who is not only the Foreign Minister, but one of the few moral authorities among contemporary Czech politicians. He tried to explain Prague mustn’t be conservative and that it needs something new.

Most of the people who came were young, often students. Those were called together using the Internet portal Facebook; a community of the library supporters gradually gathered there, up to the present state of about 20 000 members. Which is unique – no demonstration has been called together this way so far here. The Prague City Hall forbid them to build a platform though, so they had to make it from an improvised one at statue of Jan Hus. But they say this is but the beginning.